10 Facts about Teenage Depression

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Facts about Teenage Depression talk about the state of aversion and low mood experienced by the teenagers. It can happen to males and females. It is considered as a prevalent reaction when the teenagers are in the bad life circumstances or events. For instance, when their parents pass away or when they are not accepted in the college. Teenage depression is also associated as a side effect of medical treatment or even drug consumption. Find out more facts about teenage depression below:

Facts about Teenage Depression 1: the differences with adult depression

The adult depression and teenage depression are different since the latter one is often associated with the aggressiveness. The risk of being irritated is also higher on the teenagers with depression. They often exhibit the self-destructive behavior, which might hurt them.

Facts about Teenage Depression 2: the risks

The risk of teens having depression is higher when they experience the loss of the beloved ones. The children with high level of stress might also depress.

Teenage Depression

Teenage Depression

Facts about Teenage Depression 3: the treatments

The treatments have been developed by psychologists around the world to handle the teenage depression. However, the controversy about its efficacy and diagnosis still occurs until today.

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Facts about Teenage Depression 4: the rate of depression

The rate of depression is around 8 percent on the adolescents and children. The primary school children who experience the depression are around 1.9 percent to 3.4 percent in western culture. The adolescent accounts for 3.2 percent to 8.9 percent.

Facts about Teenage Depression 5: recurrence rate

The recurrence rate is 70 percent for the children with a depressive episode.

Teen Depression Facts

Teen Depression Facts

Facts about Teenage Depression 6: gender

Gender plays an importance in the rate of teenage depression. When the female and male reach 15 years old, it is doubled on females. The depression rate is not affected by gender when they are below 15.

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Facts about Teenage Depression 7: suicide

The untreated depression teenagers will lead into the attempt to commit suicide. Do you know that it is the third primary cause of death among the teenagers at the age of 15 to 19 years old?

Facts about Teenage Depression 8: the risk of suicide in 1990s

The rate of the adolescent, which might commit suicide when they reached adulthoods, was 7 percent according to NIMH or National Institute of Mental Health in 1990s.

Facts about Teen Depression

Facts about Teen Depression

Facts about Teenage Depression 9: interventions

Family and friends should give interventions to the children and teenagers with depression. Moreover, it will be better if the early diagnosis is conducted to prevent the suicidal attempt in the future.

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Facts about Teenage Depression 10: females and depression

Females have higher risk of depression. The females have reported most symptoms of depression than the males. The rates are 85.1 percent for the females. The males are 54.3 percent.

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