10 Facts about Teenage Drinking

Post On: October 19, 2018
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Facts about Teenage Drinking talk about the alcohol consumption among the teenagers. Ethanol is considered as the primary liquid found in the alcohol. The person’s DNA can be damaged or harmed because of alcohol consumption. In the world, it is considered as one of the risk factors of death, disability and disease. That is why the people especially teenagers should give up drinking alcohol. The teenagers abuse it a lot. They are curious and want to taste alcohol. Let us find out other facts about teenage drinking below:

Facts about Teenage Drinking 1: puberty

Teenagers are in the state of puberty. It means that they are in the transitional state of changes psychologically and physically.

Facts about Teenage Drinking 2: binge drinking

Binge drinking is one of the negative consequences of drinking alcohol among the teenagers.

Teenage Drinking

Teenage Drinking

Facts about Teenage Drinking 3: the rate of alcohol consumption

The consumption of alcohol is increased at the age of 12 to 21 years old. Moreover, the research also finds out that the binge-drinking pattern was noted due to the consumption at young age.

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Facts about Teenage Drinking 4: the negative consequences of drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol has negative consequence among the teenagers. Some teenagers are not interested to have good grades. They tend to skip class the school. Others are involved in drug abuse, free sex activity and automobile accidents.

Facts about Teenage Drinking 5: the underage drinking

The underage drinking is dangerous because it leads into 5,000 deaths per year. It consists of 300 deaths because of suicide. The homicide accounts for 1,600 deaths. The motor vehicle accident is involved in 1,900 deaths.

Teenage Drinking Pic

Teenage Drinking Pic

Facts about Teenage Drinking 6: legalization

There is a suggestion to legalize the underage drinking. They believe that it will make them lose the interest to drink. However, the suggestion is still controversial since alcoholic drinking may lead into the damage on the human body.

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Facts about Teenage Drinking 7: the effect of alcohol on the brain

Alcohol has bad impact on the brain. Brain parts affected by alcohol are hippocampus, frontal lobe and cerebral cortex. Those areas are associated with memory, self-control and consciousness.

Facts about Teenage Drinking 8: why teenagers consume alcohol

Teenagers consume alcohol for a number of reasons. They are linked with social, psychological, and genetic factors.

Facts about Teenage Drinking

Facts about Teenage Drinking

Facts about Teenage Drinking 9: Alcoholism throughout adolescents

The pressure from the peer, availability of alcohol, television, high level of stress and role model are considered as the primary reasons of teenage drinking.

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Facts about Teenage Drinking 10: how to prevent teenage drinking

Teenage drinking can be prevented by giving them understanding about maturation and health of human. The government and school should be involved in sending the message.

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