10 Facts about Teenage Driving

Post On: October 20, 2018
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Facts about Teenage Driving make you aware with one of the social conditions in our country. Teenagers are interested to try something new. One of them is riding a motor vehicle like cars and motorcycle. The underage driving is prohibited since it can danger other people and themselves. The motor vehicle crashes involve 292,746 people in United States in 2016. The teenagers killed in the motor accidents were 2,433 people in 2016. They were at the age of 16 to 19 years old. Let us find out other facts about teenage driving by reading the following post:

Facts about Teenage Driving 1: the death

The following figure states that every single day, six teenagers died because of motor vehicle accident. The injured ones were hundreds of them.

Facts about Teenage Driving 2: the total cost

The total cost of the motor accident of the teenage driving in United States was $13.6 billion. It accounted for 8.4 percent of the total cost.

Teenage Driving

Teenage Driving

Facts about Teenage Driving 3: the rate of car crash

The rate of the teenagers having car crash before they graduate from the high school is 50 percent.

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Facts about Teenage Driving 4: the role of the parents

Parents play an important role to supervise their children when driving a car. To avoid the car crash and accident, it is always recommended the children to continue practicing with their parents though they have the license.

Facts about Teenage Driving 5: inexperienced drivers

The primary cause of teenage driving is related to the inexperienced drivers. Some of the teens have to drive in the proper speed. They should know how to park. Moreover, they also face difficulty when they turn the vehicle safely.

Teenage Driving Facts

Teenage Driving Facts

Facts about Teenage Driving 6: Teen Driver Safety Week

Teen Driver Safety Week is one of the important events. It has been sponsored by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The event is held in October.

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Facts about Teenage Driving 7: the rules for young drivers

There are five important rules to members for the young drivers. Do not drive without wearing a seat belt. It is important to keep the young drivers safe when there is an accident. The teen drivers should not drink alcohol when they ride it. Others include no speeding, no extra passengers and no cell phone when you drive.

Facts about Teenage Driving 8: teen and older drivers

The teen and older drivers are different. The former one often chooses the dangerous decision when driving.

Facts about Teenage Driving

Facts about Teenage Driving

Facts about Teenage Driving 9: speeding

It is also common for a teen to speed their car. It is a bad decision since it can danger others.

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Facts about Teenage Driving 10: the rate of motor vehicle crashes

The motor vehicle crashes, which occurred on 49 percent of teen deaths, took place around 3 pm to midnight in 2016.

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