10 Facts about Teenage Pregnancy

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Facts about Teenage Pregnancy make us think more about the pregnancy of the female under the age of 20. Though the pregnant teenagers and adults face the same issues, the later ones have not had developed physics. Therefore, it will be risky for them to have a healthy pregnancy due to the young age. The socioeconomic factors are considered as the main risk for the pregnant girls at the age of 15 to 19. Find out other important facts about teenage pregnancy below:

Facts about Teenage Pregnancy 1: the risks of biological age

The risk of biological ages is associated with anemia, premature labor, low birth weight and pre-eclampsia.

Facts about Teenage Pregnancy 2: the social issues

Some social issues are linked with the presence of teenage pregnancies in developed countries like poverty and low level of education. The issue of teenage pregnancy in developed countries is also prevalent. It is often linked with social sigma because the teenagers are outside marriage.

Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy

Facts about Teenage Pregnancy 3: the developing countries

Teenage pregnancy is common in the developing countries since most of them get married early in life. The society and family welcome the baby due to their marriage. However, it is risky for the pregnant woman to face medical problem, poor health care and malnutrition.

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Facts about Teenage Pregnancy 4: how to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies

The unintended teenage pregnancies can be decreased by promoting birth control. It should be combined with educational intervention.

Facts about Teenage Pregnancy 5: the number of teenage pregnancies

The number of females under 18 who give birth is 7.3 million individuals in the developing countries. The number of the teenage pregnancy is higher when the females are from the traditional family, which encourage their daughters to have kids as soon as possible after the young marriage.

Teenage Pregnancy Facts

Teenage Pregnancy Facts

Facts about Teenage Pregnancy 6: the sub-Saharan Africa

In Sub-Saharan Africa, the females are encouraged to give birth early for it signifies the fertility. The Indian subcontinent has higher rates of teenage pregnancies.

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Facts about Teenage Pregnancy 7: the primary cause of teenage pregnancy

The primary cause of teenage pregnancy in the developing and developed countries is related to the education on how to perform safe sex.

Facts about Teenage Pregnancy 8: economic incentives

The decision to have kids at early age is also related to the economic incentives. If they have more children, they can increase the income since the kids can work at early age.

Facts about Teenage Pregnancy

Facts about Teenage Pregnancy

Facts about Teenage Pregnancy 9: the primary cause in developed countries

The primary factors, which lead into teenage pregnancies in developing countries, are due to the lack of use of contraception. Most pregnancies experienced by the young teenagers in the developed countries are not planned since sex education is common in those countries.

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Facts about Teenage Pregnancy 10: the comprehensive information about sexuality

Countries, which do not give comprehensive information about sexuality usually, have higher rates of teenage pregnancies.

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