10 Facts about Teepees

Post On: October 20, 2018

Let me show you the interesting information about a cone-shaped tent on Facts about Teepees. People also call it tipi. The wooden poles will be used as the frame of the tent. Then it will be covered by animal skins for the traditional one. The canvas covering usually is spotted on the modern teepees. If you think that a teepee is similar with other conical tents, you are very wrong. The top of the tent will distinguish it due to the presence of smoke flaps. Here are other impressive things to know about teepees?

Facts about Teepees 1: the indigenous people

The indigenous people who inhabited Canadian Prairies and Plains of Great Plains in North America used teepees as their homes. Some of their communities still use the teepees. However, most of them are not used for daily living. They are often used for ceremonial purposes.

Facts about Teepees 2: the lavvu

The Sami people who lived in northern Europe also had their home in the same structure. They call them the lavvu.



Facts about Teepees 3: Native Americans

When you see the pictures of teepees, you will always associate them with the homes of Native Americans who live in United States. Actually, they are also the houses of the people in the Plains and Canada. Other types of structures were also used by the First Nation band governments and Native America tribes.

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Facts about Teepees 4: durability

The durability of teepees is great. During the winter season, it gives the people high level of comfort and warmth. During the summer season, the teepees are completely dry. When the summer season comes, the heat will never affect it since it is cool.

Facts about Teepees 5: construction

The construction of teepees is easy to do since the people can pack and unpack it. When they have to reach the next place, they can disassemble the teepees. Then they can set the teepees in the new place. Due to the nomadic life style of the indigenous people, teepees were considered as the perfect dwelling.

Teepees Facts

Teepees Facts

Facts about Teepees 6: the word tipi

The word tipi was taken from the Lakota language. It means to dwell or a dwelling.

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Facts about Teepees 7: the common family tipi

The portable teepee is usually created with two adjustable smoke flaps. The structure is in conical shape. According to the history, the teepees have the multiples poles with the length of 12 to 25 feet.

Facts about Teepees 8: the type of wood

The people in Southern Plains preferred to use red cedar for building teepees. The people in Northern and Central Plains chose lodge pole pines.

Facts about Teepees

Facts about Teepees

Facts about Teepees 9: the differences with other conical tents

The smoke flaps and top opening are two most important parts, which differentiate the teepees from other conical tents.

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Facts about Teepees 10: an open fire

It is okay for the people to have an open fire inside the teepees because of the top opening.

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