10 Facts about Teesha Moore

Post On: October 20, 2018

Facts about Teesha Moore make you know more about the famous American mixed media artist. Have you ever seen the works of Moore before? You will be impressed with full color and pattern of her works. Moore focuses her works on making art journals. If you want to become a capable artist, why don’t you check the interesting about Moore and her works? It will give you more insights.

Facts about Teesha Moore 1: what is art journaling?

Have you ever heard about art journaling? You can create this type of art by using different kinds of media techniques. The common ones employed to make art journals are pen work, transfers and collages.

Facts about Teesha Moore 2: the characteristics of Moore’s works

Moore created various kinds of works. Most of them present the whimsical and eclectic look. They are filled with many colors and patterns.

facts about teesha moore

facts about teesha moore

Facts about Teesha Moore 3: the objects

The objects that Moore used to create her works include the items that she found around her home. Then she would use them to create an original collage piece.

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Facts about Teesha Moore 4: the reflection of life

Some of her works reflect her personal life. Since life is complicated, her works never look simple and easy.

Facts about Teesha Moore 5: the meaning

If you check the journal of Teesha Moore, you can also find out the meaning of her works through each page. It seems personal and individual.

Moore Work

Moore Work

Facts about Teesha Moore 6: the colors

Most of her works feature the bright and vibrant colors. That is why their works have playful and colorful look.

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Facts about Teesha Moore 7: the white color

Moore applies the white color in her later work since she wants to give it more definition and emphasis. People who view her works will be inspired.

Facts about Teesha Moore 8: inspiration

Moore got her inspiration from many books such as the graphic design books and children’s books. When creating her works, she focuses more on the process. The result is a bonus for her. One of her famous work is Zettiology. It consists of collage sheets and rubber stamps of her works.



Facts about Teesha Moore 9: events

Port Townsend, Washington had the first event of Moore’s first Artfest in 2000. Her next events were the Fiberfest and Journalfest.

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Facts about Teesha Moore 10: interview

You can find out about the personal life and professional work of Moore by checking her interview. In some of her interviews, she stated that she was working on some big paintings and journals. She also asserted that she was busy repainting her living room. For more than 26 years, her living room was in deep red color for the bottom part, and deep yellow color for the top part. Now she thought to change it into limey olive green or light turquoise blue color.

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