10 Facts about Teeth Whitening

Post On: October 23, 2018
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Facts about Teeth Whitening make you realize about the restoration of natural teeth into the whiter ones. The other terms for teeth whitening are teeth bleaching. The teeth look white after you have the treatment. It should be conducted by the professional dentists. The surface stains on the teeth will be removed off the teeth. The teeth look darker due to the stain caused by the consumption of tobacco, red wine, coffee, and tea. You can decrease the consumption to maintain the white look of the teeth. Alternatively, you can follow the teeth whitening procedure. The build up or tartar and calculus also make the teeth stained. Check other interesting facts about teeth whitening below:

Facts about Teeth Whitening 1: how restore the natural tooth shade

If you are interested to restore the naural tooth shade, you can contact the dental professional. They will perform scaling and polishing on your teeth.

Facts about Teeth Whitening 2: the presence of tartar and calculus

The teeth are often affected by the calculus and tartar. You cannot remove them by cleaning the teeth using toothpaste. The only way to remove them is by having a professional clean at the dentist’s office.

Tooth Whitenig

Tooth Whitenig

Facts about Teeth Whitening 3: bleaching the teeth

Bleaching the teeth is the best recommendation for the people with dark teeth. It makes the teeth whiter.

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Facts about Teeth Whitening 4: the marketed products for bleaching teeth

Some products are sold in the market intended to make the teeth whiter. Therefore, the people can have white teeth by having the treatment at home.

Facts about Teeth Whitening 5: methods to make the teeth whiter

Various methods have been developed to make the teeth whiter. They include luster tooth whitening, bleaching gels, bleaching pens and bleaching strips.



Facts about Teeth Whitening 6: the tooth colors

Various factors affect the perfection of tooth color on a person. The interaction between the brain and human eyes, gloss, light scattering, opacity, and lighting will determine how people perceive the color of the teeth.

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Facts about Teeth Whitening 7: composition of teeth

Teeth have two major compositions. The surface enamel layer is found on the outer part. Then it is followed by dentin layer. The former one is semitransparent, while the latter is less transparent.

Facts about Teeth Whitening 8: the natural color of teeth

If you think that teeth have pure white as their natural color, you are very wrong. The natural shade is in bone color. It is off white color.

Facts about Teeth Whitening

Facts about Teeth Whitening

Facts about Teeth Whitening 9: color of female and male teeth

The male teeth are darker compared to the female teeth due to the larger teeth on the male.

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Facts about Teeth Whitening 10: causes of darker teeth

Darker teeth are not only caused by the consumption of certain drinks and foods. Other factors, which lead into the darker teeth, are metallic compounds, particular topical medications, tobacco and dental plaque.

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