10 Facts about Telford

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Facts about Telford talk about the large town in England. It is located 48 kilometer northwest of Birmingham and 21 kilometer east of Shrewsbury. In 2010, it was a home for 170,300 people for the borough. Telford itself was inhabited by 155,500 people. Shropshire is considered as the largest town in this town. In United Kingdom, Telford grows fast. The name of the town is taken from Thomas Telford. He was the civil engineer who built the rail and road projects in Shropshire. Get other fun facts about Telford below:

Facts about Telford 1: a new town

A new town is formed in 1960s and 1970s by merging the smaller towns along with the agricultural and industrial lands. Towns of Wellington, Oakengates, Madeley and Dawley were included to create the new town of Telford along with other settlements.

Facts about Telford 2: the inhabitants

The people from Wolverhampton and Birmingham were considered as the original inhabitants of the new built Telford town.



Facts about Telford 3: Telford Shopping Centre

If you go to Telford and want to purchase clothes and other items, why don’t you visit Telford Shopping Centre? This shopping mall is created in modern style. The town also has a wonderful Town Park to hang out with family or friends.

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Facts about Telford 4: transportation

Let us find out the transportation of Telford. The town is connected to the West Midlands conurbation due to the improvement on the road since M54 motorway was created. In 1983, the construction of the motorway completed.

Facts about Telford 5: the famous tourist destination

The Ironbridge Gorge is considered as one of the famous destinations in Telford. It is located at the southern boundaries. The gorge is included in the World Heritage Site of UNESCO.

Telford Pic

Telford Pic

Facts about Telford 6: advertisement

Telford has been known as the Birthplace of Industry because it is a home of Coalbrookdale. The Ironbridge Gorge area was also associated with the Industrial Revolution.

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Facts about Telford 7: Telford Town Centre

Telford Town Centre is considered as the commercial area of Telford. The construction finished in 1980s. The location of the center is at Junction 5 of M54 motorway.

Facts about Telford 8: Telford International Centre

Telford International Centre has been newly built in the town. In the past, the United Kingdom Snooker Championship was conducted there. It has been used for various functions, concerts, conferences and parties.

Telford Facts

Telford Facts

Facts about Telford 9: The Iron Bridge

The Iron Bridge is situated in Ironbridge area. It takes the title as the world’s first bridge created from cast iron. Other important landmarks in the town include the Lilleshall Monument and The Wrekin.

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Facts about Telford 10: education

The famous colleges in Telford include Telford New College and Telford College of Arts and Technology. The towns are also the home of the academies like Madeley Academy, Holy Trinity Academy, and Abraham Darby Academy. The University Of Wolverhampton Business School is also located in Telford.

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