10 Facts about Temperate Climate

Post On: October 24, 2018

I will show you interesting Facts about Temperate Climate in following explanation. The middle latitudes are often occupied by the tepid or temperate climate. It lies in the middle of the polar and tropical areas of our planet. The temperature ranges of the temperate climate are very different from the tropical one since they are wider. The variations of seasonal changes are bigger than the tropical climates.

Facts about Temperate Climate 1: the widest season changes

Do you know where the widest seasonal changes of temperate climate take place? They are spotted on the temperate zones at the latitude of 35 degrees to 66.5 degrees. The poles and tropics give balanced influence on that part.

Facts about Temperate Climate 2: The poleward outskirts of the temperate zone

The coldest one is spotted on the poleward outskirts of the temperate zone. You can spot the presence of the boreal climate. The summer season is milder, while the winter season is colder. The climate is a little bit similar with the one in the Polar Regions.

Facts about temperate climate

Facts about temperate climate

Facts about Temperate Climate 3: the subtropics

The temperate climate, which looks similar with the tropics, is found on the subtropical. It sits at the latitude of 23.5 degree to 35 degree. The winter season is milder, while the summer is warmer.

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Facts about Temperate Climate 4: the factors

A number of factors affect the temperature changes in the temperate climate such as altitude, maritimmity, continentality, air masses and sea currents.

Facts about Temperate Climate 5: the Koppen climate classification

The mean temperature of the coldest month of the temperate climate is below 64.4 degrees F or 18 degree C and above 26.6 degree F or -3 degree C.

temperate climate Pic

temperate climate Pic

Facts about Temperate Climate 6: the north and South Temperate Zone

The South Temperate Zone lies from 23.5 degree south to 66.5 degrees south on the Antarctic Circle. On the other hand, the North Temperate Zone spans from 23.5 degrees north to the 66.5 degrees south to the Arctic Circle.

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Facts about Temperate Climate 7: the divisions

Temperate climate is divided in some climate zones. They are the Mediterranean climate, continental climate, oceanic climate, and humid tropical climate. The division is defined according to a number of factors such as rainfall, coldest month and monthly temperature.

Facts about Temperate Climate 8: the presence of temperature climate in the world

The areas in the world, which have temperate climate, include eastern coastal South America, some areas in eastern Australia, southeastern US, and southern Asia.

Temperate Climate

Temperate Climate

Facts about Temperate Climate 9: Mediterranean climates

Mediterranean climates are often defined as the dry summer subtropical climates. The winter season is mild, while the summer season is ranging from warm to hot.

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Facts about Temperate Climate 10: the areas with Mediterranean climate

The southwestern South America, southern Australia, and California have Mediterranean climate.

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