10 Facts about Temperate Rainforest

Post On: October 23, 2018

Facts about Temperate Rainforest present the information about the broadleaf forests in the world. The coniferous forests are also included as the type of temperate rainforest. It receives the high level of rainfalls. You can spot the presence of temperate rainforest in the temperate zone. You can reach southeastern Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, southwestern South America, and North American Pacific Northwest to see the temperate forests. Check other impressive facts about temperate rainforest below:

Facts about Temperate Rainforest 1: other places

Temperate forests are also spotted in other places in the world like in southern Japan, southern Norway, northern Iberia, northern Iran, Georgia and Turkey. The smaller portion of temperate rainforest is also seen in Iceland and British Isles.

Facts about Temperate Rainforest 2: the types

There are three major types of temperate rainforest. They can be the temperate broadleaf, coniferous forest and the combination of both.

Temperate Rainforest

Temperate Rainforest

Facts about Temperate Rainforest 3: the forest canopy

The canopy takes the third level in the temperate rainforest. It supports the life of arboreal animals, lanais, and neophytes. The mature tree crowns are available in this upper part. The height of the canopy is measured at 100 meters.

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Facts about Temperate Rainforest 4: during the summer season

During the summer season, the canopy will cover at least 95 percent of the forest floor. Thus, it looks like a canopy, which protects the living organisms from the heat. The bottom floor of the forest is still damp, while the top of the canopy collects the rain and moisture.

Facts about Temperate Rainforest 5: the largest temperate rainforest

The largest temperate rainforest in the world is located in Pacific temperate rain forest ecoregions.

Temperate Rainforest Facts

Temperate Rainforest Facts

Facts about Temperate Rainforest 6: the composition of species

The composition of species in the temperate rainforest in the world is varied according to the location and climate. It is mostly occupied by the coniferous. However, you can also spot a small number of shrubs and broadleaf trees. Do you know that the tallest tree in the world is Sequoia sempervirens or Coast Redwood? It is houses inside the Northern California coastal forests. Western red cedar, Western Hemlock and Sitka Spruce are considered as the vital tree species in other ecoregions of temperate rainforest.

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Facts about Temperate Rainforest 7: the rain

During the winter, the temperate rainforest will get high level of precipitations. The trees will extract the fog moisture during the hot summer season.

Facts about Temperate Rainforest 8: the high mountain areas

The high mountain areas are often occupied by the Fraser fit and red spruce. The latter one dominates the lower part, while the higher part is dominated by the Fraser fir.

Facts about Temperate Rainforest

Facts about Temperate Rainforest

Facts about Temperate Rainforest 9: in Africa

Temperate rainforest also takes place in Africa. You can go to Tsitsikamma National Park in South Africa if you want to know the best example of temperate rainforest.

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Facts about Temperate Rainforest 10: Taiwan

Taiwan is also a home to temperate rainforest. It spans on the higher elevation.

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