10 Facts about Temperature

Post On: October 24, 2018

You will learn more about the physical quantity used to express the cold and hot on Facts about Temperature. There are a number of temperature scales. You can measure the temperate using a device called a thermometer. It is considered as a common device today. Many households have it. The common scales that people used to measure temperate are Fahrenheit scale, Celsius scale and Kelvin scale. In the past, Celsius scale was called centigrade scale. The people who deal with technology and science often use Kelvin scale to measure the temperate. Let us check other impressive facts about temperature below:

Facts about Temperature 1: the absolute zero temperature

The absolute zero temperature is denoted at −459.67 °F on the Fahrenheit scale. On the Celsius scale, it has the denotation of −273.15 °C. The Kelvin scale has the absolute zero of 0 K.

Facts about Temperature 2: the importance of studying temperature

If you think that studying temperature is not important, you are very wrong. When you want to study more about biology, medicine, science about earth, chemistry and physics, you have to notice about temperature.



Facts about Temperature 3: the physical processes

Temperature has affected various kinds of physical processes. The chemical reaction is totally affected by the temperature since it will determine the extent and rate. Temperature is also an important factor in the electrical conductivity, vapor pressure, solubility, density and phase of materials.

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Facts about Temperature 4: the differences of temperature scales

There are two ways to differentiate the scales of temperature. The first used the degrees of the scale. The other is by using the zero degree point.

Facts about Temperature 5: the prevalent scale

The prevalent scale of temperature used in many parts of the world is Celsius scale. The denotation of the scale is defined according to the freezing point of water at 0 degree Celsius. The boiling point of water is defined as having 100 degrees Celsius. There is no need to wonder that it was called centigrade scaled since it has 100 degree interval.

Temperature Facts

Temperature Facts

Facts about Temperature 6: the temperature in United States

The people in United States are more familiar with Fahrenheit scale. The boiling water is at 212 degree F, while the freezing point is at 32 degree F.

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Facts about Temperature 7: the use of Kelvin scale

Kelvin scale is more used for scientific measurement. The symbol is K. It was named after the first physicist who defined the scale. The zero point of Kelvin scale is defined according to the absolute zero point.

Facts about Temperature 8: the variety of temperature scale

The theoretically based scales emerged in the mid-19th century. The older ones were the empirical temperature scale.

Facts about Temperature

Facts about Temperature

Facts about Temperature 9: thermodynamics

When you want to study about thermodynamics, you have to know more about temperature since it is considered as an important quantity.

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Facts about Temperature 10: why people use Celsius scale

People often use the Celsius scale due to its convenience on the everyday application.

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