10 Facts about Temple University

Post On: October 24, 2018

Baptist Minister Russell Conwell was the founder of Temple University in 1884. The location of the university is in Cecil B. Moore neighborhood, Philadelphia. The state university is focused on research. The history of Temple University could be traced back when Conwell came to Pennsylvania in 1882. He started to give class late at night for the working class citizens. The students were called night owls due to their late class at the basement of Baptist Temple of Conwell. The name of the university was taken from the place. Here are other impressive facts about Temple University:

Facts about Temple University 1: the number of students

Temple University handled at least 40,000 students as of 2017. They were the professional, graduate and undergraduate students.

Facts about Temple University 2: the academic degree programs

Temple University also has the campuses located outside Philadelphia. They are in Tokyo, Rome and across Pennsylvania. The university offers the students with at least 500 academic degree programs.

Temple University

Temple University

Facts about Temple University 3: the professional education

There are various professional educations at Temple University. The students can choose dentistry, pharmacy, podiatry, medicine, architecture and law.

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Facts about Temple University 4: the primary campus

The North Philadelphia houses the primary campus of Temple University. It is located 2.4 kilometers north of the City Center. The students who live in or around the main campus are 12,626 individuals. The campus spans on the areas of 118 acres.

Facts about Temple University 5: events for students

Temple University holds various kinds of events for students. They are lectures, exhibitions, clubs, performances and concerts.

Temple University Facts

Temple University Facts

Facts about Temple University 6: the famous landmarks

Temple University has many famous landmarks. The most popular photo spot in the campus is an owl statue created from bronze. That is the mascot of the university.

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Facts about Temple University 7: Founder’s Garden

You can also visit the burial place of Russell Conwell at the Founder’s Garden. Conwell had been the president of the university for 38 years. Johnny Ring Garden is one of the green areas in the company. If you are in the center of the main campus, check the Bell Tower. It has the height of 110 feet.

Facts about Temple University 8: Temple University Japan

Temple University is also found in Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the international campuses of Temple. The other one is in Rome. It handles more than 4,800 students from Russia, Japan, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, East Asia and US.

Facts about Temple University

Facts about Temple University

Facts about Temple University 9: Temple University Rome

The other international campus of Temple University is the Temple University Rome. The students can access the facilities, restaurants, shops and other living accommodations in Villa Caproni.

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Facts about Temple University 10: recreational facilities

Howard Gittis Student Center is considered as one of the recreational facilities on the main campus of Temple. It features game room, food court, Movie Theater, computer lounge, office space, meeting space and underground room.

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