10 Facts about Tenby

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You will get more information about the walled seaside town on Facts about Tenby. The location of the town is on the western side of Camarthen Bay. Tenby is included in Wales. The official status of Tenby is as the local government community. You will love visiting Tenby since it has amazing landmarks and features. You can visit the National Trust’s Tudor Merchant’s House and Tenby Museum and Art Gallery. The building in the town dated back in 15th century is St. Mary’s Church. The Five Arches barbican gatehouse makes you learn more about the architecture dated back in the medieval period during the 13th century. The most prominent one in town is the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. It also has sandy beaches with the length of 4 kilometers or 2.5 miles. Check other interesting facts about Tenby below:

Facts about Tenby 1: transportation

Tenby railway station serves the people in the town. You can also access the harbor in Tenby if you want to reach the Caldey Island. The boats are available in the harbor. If you are interested to see the Palmerston Fort dated back in 19th century, you can go to St. Catherine Island.

Facts about Tenby 2: the strategic place

Tenby is located in the strategic place. It is located near the Irish Sea and Atlantic Ocean, which give the people access to the water bodies via the harbors in the town.



Facts about Tenby 3: the first known reference

Tenby was refereed in poem dated back in the ninth century. It was under the title “Etmic Dinbych” which appeared in the Book of Taliesin in the 14th century.

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Facts about Tenby 4: the Normans

Tenby was under the Norman’s occupations due to their invasion in the West Wales, which took place in the beginning of the 12th century. The Castle Hill featured the first fortification created in the form of stall.

Facts about Tenby 5: the primary attractions in the town

Can you mention the primary attractions in town if you have visited it? The people who come here will always want to try the boat trip, which takes them to the Caldy Island. They can also enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches in Tenby.

Tenby Pic

Tenby Pic

Facts about Tenby 6: Palmerston Fort

As I have stated before, Palmerston Fort was dated back in the 19th century. It is located at the St. Catherine Island. The public cannot visit the fort anymore for it has been closed in August 2016. The fate of the fort is still in the uncertainty.

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Facts about Tenby 7: accommodations

Do not be afraid when you stay in Tenby. The visitors can enjoy various kinds of restaurants, pubs and shops here.

Facts about Tenby 8: how to access Tenby and the surrounding areas

Tenby is accessible for the visitors are given a number of accesses via railway, roads, and airport. The latter one is served by the Cardiff International. It is the nearest airport.

Facts about Tenby

Facts about Tenby

Facts about Tenby 9: sport

Tenby has various sports. The rugby union club in the town is Tenby United RFC, which has been founded since 1876.

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Facts about Tenby 10: the prominent people

Michael Lieber, Kate Lamb, Alison Bielski, Robert Recorde and Kenneth Griffith are from Tenby.

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