10 Facts about Tennis Balls

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Facts about Tennis Balls talk about a special ball used for playing tennis game. If you check the sporting events, most tennis balls are in fluorescent yellow color. However, you can also spot them in many colors when being used in the recreational games. Thanks to the presence of modern technology since the aerodynamic properties of tennis balls can be improved by covering the outer parts of the tennis balls with fibrous felt.

Facts about Tennis Balls 1: the factors

A number of factors should be considered to make sure that the modern tennis balls meet the standard. The deformation, weight, size and bounce should follow the criteria. Thus, the ball is accepted to be used for the regular tennis game.

Facts about Tennis Balls 2: the official diameter

The official diameter of tennis ball is defined by the International Tennis Federation. It should be between 2.57 to 2.70 inches or 6.54 to 6.86 cm.

Facts about Tennis ball

Facts about Tennis ball

Facts about Tennis Balls 3: the masses of tennis balls

Do you know the official standard mass for a tennis ball? It should be around 1.98 to 2.10 ounces or 56.0 to 59.4 grams.

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Facts about Tennis Balls 4: the official colors

Even though tennis balls are sold in many colors, the official ones approved by the ITF are in white and yellow. Today, most tennis balls are manufactured in optic yellow or fluorescent yellow color. The color is more visible on television. In 1972, the ball with optic yellow color was introduced for the first time.

Facts about Tennis Balls 5: inside the ball

The filling of the ball is the air. The rubber compound is spotted as the cover of the ball. The ball has improved level of flight properties because the aerodynamic drag is decreased due the felt rubber compound.

Tennis ball Facts

Tennis ball Facts

Facts about Tennis Balls 6: the tennis ball can

The tennis balls are sealed inside the tennis ball can. When you open the can, the balls will lost their bounce.

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Facts about Tennis Balls 7: how to keep the tennis ball

Before the balls are used, they will be kept under pressure at two atmospheres according to the modern rules of tennis.

Facts about Tennis Balls 8: dropping the ball

When you want to test the ball, you can drop it to the concrete at the height of 100 inches or 254 cm. The acceptable bounce is between 53 and 58 inches or 135 and 147 cm.

Tennis ball

Tennis ball

Facts about Tennis Balls 9: the Play and Stay Campaign

The Play and Stay Campaign was introduced by the ITF to increase the participation of the people to play tennis. The game will be played in small court size with slower balls.

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Facts about Tennis Balls 10: packaging

The cardboard tubes were introduced by the Wilson Western Sporting Goods Company to pack the tennis balls in 1925. They were covered inside the paperboard boxes before 1925.

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