10 Facts about Tenrec

Post On: October 29, 2018

Facts about Tenrec make us aware with the presence of any species of mammals included in the Tenrecidae family. Tenrec is not a common animal. Probably you have seen them in your life before. They inhabit some parts of Africa and Madagascar. Due to the convergent evolution, the animals are diverse. If you check the picture of Tenrec, you will be amazed since the physical body reminds you with the look of various animals like otters, mice, opossums, shrews and hedgehogs. Let us get other interesting facts about Tenrec below:

Facts about Tenrec 1: the environments

Tenrec can be found living in various environments. You can spot them living in arboreal, aquatic, fossorial and terrestrial habitats.

Facts about Tenrec 2: greater hedgehog Tenrec

Greater hedgehog Tenrec lives in the dry deciduous forests of Madagascar.

Tenrec Facts

Tenrec Facts

Facts about Tenrec 3: the body size and weight

As I have stated before, Tenrec has various body forms. The smallest one has the body size of a shrew. The body has the length of 1.8 inches or 4.5 cm. The weight is measured at 0.18 ox or 5 grams.

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Facts about Tenrec 4: the largest Tenrec

The weight of the largest Tenrec is measured at 2.2 lb or 1 kg. The body length is measured from 9.8 to 15.4 inches or 25 to 39 cm. The body forms can be found on the tailless Tenrec or common Tenrec.

Facts about Tenrec 5: the relatives of Tenrec

Though some Tenrec reminds you with the look of otters, hedgehogs and shrews, they do not have any close relationship. The close relatives of Tenrec include the elephant, shrews and golden moles. Both are included African insectivorous mammals.

Tenrec Map

Tenrec Map

Facts about Tenrec 6: the ancestry of Tenrec

Before the late 1990s, the ancestry of Tenrec was not recognized. Now, it is included in the group called Afrotheria along with sea cows, elephants, hyraxes and aardvarks.

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Facts about Tenrec 7: the uniqueness

Tenrec is considered as a unique animal. The body temperature is lower compared to the common mammals. Moreover, they share similarities on the urogenital tracts and anus with amphibians, reptiles and birds due to the presence of a common opening or cloaca.

Facts about Tenrec 8: the primary diet

The primary diet of Tenrec is invertebrates. However, the animals are considered as omnivorous.

Facts about Tenrec

Facts about Tenrec

Facts about Tenrec 9: the species in Africa

The African mainland is occupied by three species of Tenrec. They are Micropotamogale lamottei, Potamogale velox and, M. ruwenzorii. Most of them live around the fast running streams.

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Facts about Tenrec 10: reproduction

The number of litters produced by Tenrec is depending on the species. The tailless Tenrec may have up to 32 youngs. The otter shrews can only produce around two youngs.

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