10 Facts about Tenten

Post On: October 29, 2018

Have you ever heard facts about Tenten? If you are a fan of manga, you must know about the members of Team Guy. She is from Konohagakure. She found out that she could have the ability to control chakra to become a medical nin just like the legendary Sannin Tsunade. Tsunade was her aspiration. He did anything to make her fūinjutsu skills improved. If you want to know more about her, check the following Facts about Tenten:

Facts about Tenten 1: the aspiration

Tenten aspires to become a legendary kunoichi since the first time she was enrolled into the academy. Rock Lee and Neji Hyūga are the classmates of Tenten who studied under the tutelage of Might Guy. She along with her friends is capable to pass the final test of Might Guy.

Facts about Tenten 2: medical-nin

Tenten was interested to become a medical-nin. Her pride was destroyed due to her failure to achieve the goal. However, she realized that her talent is fūinjutsu. There is no need to wonder that she has a unique fighting ability.



Facts about Tenten 3: the characteristics

Tenten is characterized as an observant person. She is a kind person. When her friends are in hard time, she would like to comfort them and make them feel better.

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Facts about Tenten 4: easy-going person

Tenten is also an easygoing person. She loves to have a day off from her mission and training. She does not like spending her time travelling all day long. When she is tired, she does not like to do training.

Facts about Tenten 5: caring about her team

Tenten is a very caring person. During the Chunin Examination, she helps Lee since he has not returned to the base.

Tenten Pic

Tenten Pic

Facts about Tenten 6: Ninja weapon

Tenten likes using Ninja weapon. That is why she collects many kinds of weapons from various places in the world. She has a vast collection of Ninja tools and weapons.

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Facts about Tenten 7: the physical look

Have you seen the picture of Tenten? She has gray eyes. Her hair is in black color. In Parts I and II, she has her hair in two Chinese styled buns. The front part features simple and short bangs.

Facts about Tenten 8: Tenten’s hair in The Last: Naruto the Movie

Tenten has a different hairstyle in The Last: Naruto the Movie. She has short play, which holds her braided hair buns together. She still keeps her braided bun when she reaches adulthood. However, the forehead is falling covered by the straight bangs.

Tenten Facts

Tenten Facts

Facts about Tenten 9: outfit

Tenten wears the Chinese styled clothing style. She has dark green plants and pink sleeveless blouse in Part I.

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Facts about Tenten 10: the outfit in Part II

Tenten wears a white blouse with high collar and long sleeves. Her pants are in hakama style. They are in maroon color.

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