10 Facts about Terrapins

Post On: October 30, 2018

You will learn more about one of the animals, which inhabits the fresh and brackish water. Most of them are included as in Emydidae and Geoemydidae families. The term terrapin is often used to call Malaclemys terrapin. The name of the animal is taken from a word from the Native American Algonquian language torope. The name then was taken into Great Britain. Today, the term terrapin has been used to call the members of testudines. Check out other facts about Terrapins:

Facts about Terrapins 1: the species of terrapin

Terrapins come in a number of species. They include Indian pond terrapin, Painted terrapin, Bengal eyed terrapin, European pond terrapin, Diamondback terrapin, and Mexican spotted terrapin, Red-eared terrapin and other.

Facts about Terrapins 2: Bengal eyed terrapin

The Bengal eyed terrapin can be found in Burma and Yunnan, China. They are included in the family Geoemydidae. This terrapin is also called under the common name of Burmese peacock turtle.

Facts about Terrapins

Facts about Terrapins

Facts about Terrapins 3: Diamondback terrapin

One of the native species of terrapin from United States is Diamondback terrapin. It is included in the family Emydidae. The biological name is Malaclemys terrapin.

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Facts about Terrapins 4: Indian pond terrapin

The common freshwater turtle, which lives in South Asia, is Indian pond terrapin. It has another common name Indian black turtle. The scientific name of the species is Melanochelys trijuga. The body is in medium size.

Facts about Terrapins 5: the color of Indian pond terrapin

The Indian pond terrapin has a number of colors. The streak located the body length is ranging in yellow tone. The reddish brown to dark brown tone is found at the carapace of the terrapin.



Facts about Terrapins 6: the size of Indian pond terrapin

The Indian pond terrapin has the size from 38 cm to 45 cm. they can be found living in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, and India.

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Facts about Terrapins 7: the painted terrapin

The painted terrapin has the biological name of Batagur borneoensis. It is also called saw jawed turtle or painted batagur. They can be found in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

Facts about Terrapins 8: the status of painted terrapin

IUCN applies the critically endangered status for painted terrapin due to their small number. The major threats, which reduce the number of terrapin, include shrimp and fish farming, land conversion, habitat loss, food demand, pet demand and harvesting by the fisherman.

Indian pond terrapin

Indian pond terrapin

Facts about Terrapins 9: conservation

The conservation effort is conducted by the government to protect and preserve the life of the terrapin. WWF’s Hawksbill Turtle and Painted Terrapin conservation project has been applied by the Malaysian government to protect their painted terrapin.

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Facts about Terrapins 10: diamondback terrapin

Diamondback terrapin can be found in Bermuda, southern and eastern United States. It has the biological name Malaclemys terrapin. Have you ever spotted this terrapin before?

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