10 Facts about Terraria

Post On: October 30, 2018
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Facts about Terraria talk about the 2D action adventure sandbox video game. Have you ever played Terraria before? Re-Logic is the developer of the video game. In May 2011, the game was released for Microsoft Windows. Then it was released for different platforms like mobile devices, handhelds, and consoles. Many people are interested to play Terraria because they can fight with various types of creatures in the game. Moreover, they have to deal with building, crafting and exploring to win the game. If you want to know more about Terraria, check the following post below:

Facts about Terraria 1: the reception

People like playing Terraria. After it was released in the market, the gamers and critics gave positive reviews about the game. They often compare Terraria with Minecraft. One of the favorite features, which received high praise from the people, is the sandbox element.

Facts about Terraria 2: the number of sales

The number of sales of Terraria reaches more than 25 million copies for all types of platforms.



Facts about Terraria 3: the classic style

Terraria are perfect for the gamers who want to enjoy a classic style. That is why this game is often compared with Minecraft and Metroid series since all of them have classic adventure and exploration.

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Facts about Terraria 4: the basic tools

Three basic tools are prepared for the players. The first one is the axe used for cutting woods. When they involve in a combat, they can use a shortsword. Mining is performed by using a pickaxe.

Facts about Terraria 5: ores

When you mine or explore the underground caves, ores will be the primary resources.

Facts about Terraria

Facts about Terraria

Facts about Terraria 6: the beginning of the game

During the beginning of the game, the players only have a low amount of magic and health points. However, you can increase the points during the course of the game. Exploring is important since the certain items that you find will increase the points.

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Facts about Terraria 7: where can you find the items?

The items are hidden in rare containers. Some areas of the map have the items. In some cases, some enemies drop the items.

Facts about Terraria 8: the enemies

Some of the enemies that the player has to face include the demon eyes, zombies and slimes. The enemies are related to the biome.

Terraria Facts

Terraria Facts

Facts about Terraria 9: the factors

A number of factors, which affect the presence of the enemies, are player’s interaction, location, random events and time.

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Facts about Terraria 10: how to fight the enemies

The magic speeds, guns, bows and swords are used by the players to fight the enemies.

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