10 Facts about Terry Denton

Post On: October 31, 2018

Facts about Terry Denton made you aware with the famous author and illustrator from Australia. He was born in July 1950. Talking about his personal life, he owned three kids. He is married. Denton spent his childhood living in Melbourne, Victoria. There were five boys in his family. Denton was the second youngest child. In this present day, the place of living of Denton is located in Mornington, Victoria. Why don’t you check the whole post below for details about Terry Denton?

Facts about Terry Denton 1: illustration

Denton is famous as an illustrator. His illustration can be found in more than his 30 books. Many prominent Australian authors have collaborated with him for the illustration of their books.

Facts about Terry Denton 2: Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith and Denton have collaborated frequently. Their partnership has always been the talk of the town.

Terry Denton Pic

Terry Denton Pic

Facts about Terry Denton 3: the works produced with Andy Griffith

Some of the works produced by Andy Griffith include The 13-Storey Treehouse (2011), The Very Bad Book, The Treehouse Fun Book (2016), Ed and Ted and Ted’s Dog Fred (2015), The 91-Storey Treehouse (2017), The Day My Bum Went Psycho (2001) and many more.

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Facts about Terry Denton 4: other collaborators

Denton also collaborated with Ted Greenwood and Paul Jennings. He served as the illustrators for Freeze a crowd, Duck for Cover and Spooner or Later.

Facts about Terry Denton 5: Lift Off

Have you ever watched Lift Off before? The children TV was heavily affected by the design and art of Denton. They are reflected on the stories and style of the series.

Terry Denton Artist

Terry Denton Artist

Facts about Terry Denton 6: Mem Fox

Denton also provided illustrations for the books of Mem Fox. You can see his works on A Particular Cown (2006) and Night Noise published in 1989.

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Facts about Terry Denton 7: Natalie Jane Prior

The next writer who has worked along with Denton was Natalie Jane Prior. Denton served as the illustrator of Prior’s books such as The Paw (1993), The Paw in Destination: Brazil (1995), The Paw in The Purple Diamond (1998), The Paw in The Purple Diamond (1998) and The Paw Collection (2007).

Facts about Terry Denton 8: Gillian Rubinstein

The other writer who had worked with Denton was Gillian Rubinstein. Denton provided the illustration for Mr Plunkett’s pool (1992), Jake and Pete and the magpie’s wedding (2002) and Ducky’s nest (1999). The other books were Jake & Pete and the Catcrowbats (1999) and Jake and Pete and the stray dogs (1997).

Facts about Terry Denton

Facts about Terry Denton

Facts about Terry Denton 9: Gasp! Series

Denton is also a writer. One of his popular books was the Gasp! Series. The Nine Network and ABC3 had adapted the books into animated TV series.

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Facts about Terry Denton 10: other works of Denton

Denton also wrote other popular works such as Wombat and Fox collection and Storymaze books.

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