10 Facts about Texas Longhorns

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You will be informed with an intercollegiate team on Facts about Texas Longhorns. The team serves the representative of the University of Texas in American football competition. Texas Longhorns earns the status as one of the participants in the Big 12 Conference at the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision of NCAA. Tom Herman is the coach of Texas Longhorns. The home game of Texas Longhorns will be played in Austin, Texas at the Darrel K Royal Teas Memorial Stadium. Find out other interesting facts about Texas Longhorns in the following post below:

Facts about Texas Longhorns 1: the important program

Texas Longhorns is considered as an important program. It was started in 1893. Dana X. Bible was the coach for the program in 1937 until 1946. His name was inducted at the Hall of Fame. Then it was coached by Darrel K Royal who also had his name inducted at the Hall of Fame. Royal became the coach from 1957 until 1976. He made the team earned three national championships.

Facts about Texas Longhorns 2: the value

The Texas Longhorns football program had the value of $805 million. It took the third place according to ESPN in term of the most prestigious college football program in 2008.

Texas Longhorns

Texas Longhorns

Facts about Texas Longhorns 3: the 2016 season

Texas Longhorns had amazing result during the 2016 season. In the NCAA Division I FBS History, it was the second team with the most wins. The all time record was 891-359-33.

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Facts about Texas Longhorns 4: the famous players

The famous players from Texas Longhorns programs were Earl Campbell and Ricky Williams. Both earned the most prestigious individual honor in the collage football called Heisman Trophy. The College Football Hall of Fame also featured 17 Longhorns players.

Facts about Texas Longhorns 5: the home games

The home games of Texas Longhorns are conducted at Darrel K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium. In the past, it was called Memorial Stadium and Texas Memorial Stadium. The University of Texas houses the stadium. It can accommodate 100,119 audiences.

Texas Longhorns Facts

Texas Longhorns Facts

Facts about Texas Longhorns 6: the rivalry

Do you know the main rival of Texas Longhorns? The University of Oklahoma is the major rival. The Red River Rivalry is the common term used to call the football games between both teams.

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Facts about Texas Longhorns 7: the game of Red River Rivalry

The game for Red River Rivalry takes place at the neutral site at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

Facts about Texas Longhorns 8: the uniform

Orange was not the only color for the 1893 team. Gold and white uniforms were also worn. Then the orange and white uniform was considered as the official one in 1895. To decrease the cost for cleaning the uniform, it was changed into orange and maroon in 1897.

Facts about Texas Longhorns

Facts about Texas Longhorns

Facts about Texas Longhorns 9: uniforms in the beginning of 1960s

In the beginning of 1960s, the burnt orange colored uniform was used again by Coach Darrell K Royal.

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Facts about Texas Longhorns 10: a Nike Pro Combat uniform

A Nike Pro Combat uniform was used by the Texas Longhorns for the Lone Star Showdown in 2009.

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