10 Facts about Texas Revolution

Post On: November 5, 2018

Facts about Texas Revolution make you aware with the rebellion of the colonists against the government of Mexico. The colonists were not only the individuals from United States. They were also Texas Mexicans called Tejanos. The event took place from 2nd October 1835 and ended on 21st April 1836. Tornel Decree was passed by the Mexican Congress, which stated that the foreigners who tried to fight the Mexican soldiers were considered as pirates. Let us find out other interesting facts about Texas Revolution:

Facts about Texas Revolution 1: breaking with Mexico

Republic of Texas was established after breaking up with Mexico. Then United States annexed the province.

Facts about Texas Revolution 2: the beginning of the revolution

In October 1835, the Texas Revolution started. It was triggered after most of American settlers in Texas felt the cultural and political clashes with the government of Mexico for almost 10 years.

Texas Revolution Facts

Texas Revolution Facts

Facts about Texas Revolution 3: the rights of the settlers

The settlers got limited rights. Moreover, the government of Mexico was centralized. By the mid December 1835, the small garrisons of Mexican Army were defeated by the colonists from US.

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Facts about Texas Revolution 4: an interim government

An interim government was established instead of having Consultation for Declaration of Independence. The governance in Texas was less effective, while the politics was paralyzed due to the action.

Facts about Texas Revolution 5: trying to capture Texas again

Santa Anna who served as the leader of Mexican Government had his victory to regain Texas into Mexico.

Texas Revolution

Texas Revolution

Facts about Texas Revolution 6: the early victory of Santa Anna

Santa Anna decided to have an offensive attack to the Texians in the mid February 1836 by having his soldiers entered the territory of Texas. All Texians were defeated by the army of Jose de Urrea the Mexican General at the Texas Coast.

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Facts about Texas Revolution 7: Battle of the Alamo

Battle of the Alamo is always one of the important historical events in Texas. Many of the defenders were killed at the Battle of Alamo since Santa Anna had more soldiers.

Facts about Texas Revolution 8: Santa Anna as hostage

During the Battle of San Jacinto, Santa Anna was taken into hostage. To get his life, he had to retreat his army from Mexico. United States annexed Texas as their 28th state in 1845. This annexation led into the war between Mexico and United States. It was known as Mexican American War.

Facts about Texas Revolution

Facts about Texas Revolution

Facts about Texas Revolution 9: the casualties

There were 700 Texians and 1,000 Mexicans died in the battle in October 1835 until April 1836. The number of the injured individuals was 100 Texans and 500 Mexicans.

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Facts about Texas Revolution 10: the reputation of Texians

The Texians were notable due to their militancy and courage. However, the participation of the Texians into the army was low.

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