10 Facts about Thames Water

Post On: November 9, 2018

Facts about Thames Water talk about a company located in United Kingdom. It focuses for supplying the water for the people who lived in Kent, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, the Thames Valley, Greater London, Surrey, Luton, and other areas in UK. Thames Water also has the responsibility for the wastewater treatment. It is considered as a monopoly private utility company. In United Kingdom, it takes the record as the largest wastewater service and Water Supply Company. Let us check other impressive facts about Thames Water below:

Facts about Thames Water 1: the amount of drinking water

The amount of drinking water supplied by Thames Water is around 570 million imperial gallons or 2.6 billion litres per day.

Facts about Thames Water 2: the treatment of wastewater

The amount wastewater treated by Thames Water is 970 million imperial gallons or 4.4 billion liters.

Thames Water

Thames Water

Facts about Thames Water 3: the customers

The number of customers of Thames Water reaches 15 million individuals. It accounts for 27 percent of the people who live in United Kingdom.

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Facts about Thames Water 4: water-management infrastructure projects

Thames Water is involved in various water-management infrastructure projects. It also creates various infrastructure proposal related to water projects and managements.

Facts about Thames Water 5: the regulation and ownership

The Water Industry Act 1991 regulates the Thames Water. In the end of 2006, a consortium was made under the name Kemble Water Holdings Ltd that became the owner of Thames Water.

Thames Water Facts

Thames Water Facts

Facts about Thames Water 6: the largest shareholders

Canadian pensions group OMERS is considered as the largest shareholders in Thames Water. It accounts for 23 percent. The 13 percent one is for BT Pension Scheme. The China Investment Corporation and Abu Dhabi Investment Authority account for 8.7 percent and 9.9 percent of the shareholders. The 8.5 percent is under the Kuwait Investment Authority.

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Facts about Thames Water 7: the name of the company

The name of the company is not picked due to its source of water. On the other hand, it has the responsibility to provide the water for the basin of River Thames.

Facts about Thames Water 8: the large leaks

The large leaks of untreated sewage made Thames Water paid the fine for 20.3m after the decision of the judges in March 2017.

Facts about Thames Water

Facts about Thames Water

Facts about Thames Water 9: finance

The second cheapest residential water supply and sewage treatment is provided by the Thames Water.

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Facts about Thames Water 10: the by product

The byproduct of the waste treatment is not thrown away by Thames Water. The company is capable to produce the biosolid fertilizer from it. It will be sold to the local farmers. The phosphates are recovered from the byproducts of sewage.

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