10 Facts about Thanatos

Post On: November 9, 2018

Facts about Thanatos make you learn more about the personification of death. The reference of Thanatos was common. However, it did not take form in a person. In the Greek mythology, Thanatos was considered as a minor figure. In Roman mythology, Thanatos is equivalent with Letum or Mors. His parents were Erebos (Darkness) and Nyx (Night) according to the Theogony created by Hesoid, the famous Greek poet. Hypnos was considered as Thanatos’ twin. If you are still curious about Thanatos, check out the following post below:

Facts about Thanatos 1: Homer

Homer was known as the writer of the Iliad. In his epic poem, he stated that Thanatos and Hypnos were twin brothers.

Facts about Thanatos 2: other siblings

According to the narration, Thanatos had other siblings. They are Eris (Strife), Momus (Blame), Apate (Deception), Moros (Doom), Geras (Old Age), the Acherousian, Nemesis (Retribution) and Oizys (Suffering). All of them had negative personifications.



Facts about Thanatos 3: association

Thanatos as the death was often linked with other Atropos. The latter was known as a goddess of death.

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Facts about Thanatos 4: the difference between Thanatos and Keres

Both Thanatos and Keres were associated with the personification of death. However, both were different. Keres was noted with its violent and bloodthirsty death. On the other hand, the peaceful death was connected with Thanatos.

Facts about Thanatos 5: the god’s character of Thanatos

In the passage of Theogony by Hesiod, Thanatos had the god’s character when he and his twin Hypnos carried dead Sarpedon.

Thanatos Facts

Thanatos Facts

Facts about Thanatos 6: the story of Thanatos and Sisyphus

There was a story about Thanatos and Sisyphus. The latter one is known as the King of Korinth. Thanatos was ordered by Zeus to chain the king in Tartarus. However, King Sisyphus was smart enough to outwit Thanatos. Sisyphus was capable to trick the Death for the second time. The king said to Persephone that his wife never gave him the appropriate funeral. Thus, he wanted to go back to his wife first.

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Facts about Thanatos 7: Hermes

Hermes used his power to drag Sisyphus back to the Underworld and locked him inside the Tartarus.

Facts about Thanatos 8: in art

Thanatos has been depicted in the Greek art though he only had a minor role in the mythology. The Attic white ground lekythos depicted Thanatos and his twin carrying Sarpedon’s body.

Facts about Thanatos

Facts about Thanatos

Facts about Thanatos 9: Thanatology

Thanatology a field of scientific study named after Thanatos. It focuses on the study of death of humans. It has been studied in veterinary science, psychology, nursing, psychiatry and sociology.

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Facts about Thanatos 10: Euthanasia

Thanatos is also used to name a good death called euthanasia. The device for euthanasia is called Thanatron by Doctor Jack Kevorkian. The primary purpose of euthanasia is to end the life of a person who had incurable suffering.

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