10 Facts about Thane

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Have you ever visited Thane before? It is a metropolitan city in India. Thana is the colloquial name of the city. It has the land area of 57 square miles or 147 sq km. It is a home for 1,841,488 people. According to the census in 2011, it was a home for 18.9 people, which ranked the city in the 16th position of the most popular city in the country. The city is very famous in the India due to its nine lakes located around the city. Find out more interesting Facts about Thane below:

Facts about Thane 1: the location of Thane

The location of Thane is at the northwestern side of Maharashtra. Mumbai is the neighboring city of Thane.

Facts about Thane 2: the word Thane

The word Thane is taken from ‘sthāna’. It is a Sanskrit word. The meaning is place. It was known as Kukin Tana by Ibn Battuta and Abulfeda. It was also called as Tana Mayambu by Duarte Barbosa.

Thane Facts

Thane Facts

Facts about Thane 3: copper plate

The discovery of a copper plate was located nearby the Thane Fort’s foundations in 1787. The plate was traced back in 1078 AD.

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Facts about Thane 4: “Sri Sthanaka”

“Sri Sthanaka” was a term used by lord of Tagara named Arikesara Devaraja to call the occupants who lived in the area.

Facts about Thane 5: the occupation of British people

The fort of Karanja, Fort of Versova, Thana Fort and Salsette Island were under the occupation of Britain in 1774.

Lake in Thane

Lake in Thane

Facts about Thane 6: the first passenger train in Asia

The first ever passenger train in Asia was located at the terminus of Thane. The service was applied for Colaba and Thane on April 16th, 1853. It has three locomotives. They were Sultan, Sindh and Sahib. It spanned on the distance of 21 miles or 34 kilometer.

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Facts about Thane 7: the busy Thane

Thane is considered as a busy railway station since it accommodates around 654,000 people every single day. There is no need to wonder that it is included in the list of the busiest railways in India. In Mumbai, it is the busiest one.

Facts about Thane 8: the climate

Have you visited Thane before? The city has the tropical monsoon climate. It is located between the dry climate and tropical wet climate. Some days in Thane are characterized with extreme temperature. It also has high level of rainfalls.

Facts about Thane

Facts about Thane

Facts about Thane 9: the temperature

The temperature in Thane is varied between 22 degree Celsius and 36 degree Celsius. During the summer season, Thane has the temperature more than 40 degree Celsius at noon. When the night comes, it has the temperature at 12 degree C during the winter season.

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Facts about Thane 10: the population

According to the 2011 census, it was a home for 1,886,941 people. The kids account for 10.24 percent of the whole people who live in the city.

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