10 Facts about Thaneeya McArdle

Post On: November 10, 2018

Facts about Thaneeya McArdle tell the readers about the famous and popular artist. She was born in the year of 1979 during the summer season. The first intercontinental plane ride for McArdle took place when she was only 6 weeks old. Then she was involved in various travelling activities. There is no need to wonder that McArdle had a lot of experience staying in other countries because of her extensive travels. Saudi Arabia was the place where McArdle learned how to walk. When he was in India, she settled with a tribal village family. McArdle had also visited Sri Lanka where she went to the civil war refugee. If you want to know the countries visited by McArdle, check other interesting facts about her below:

Facts about Thaneeya McArdle 1: the countries visited by McArdle

McArdle had visited many countries in the world. Besides Saudi Arabia, Sir Lanka and India, she had also visited Nepal where she had a palm read. When she visited Thailand, she went to Thai river ad enjoy bamboo craft.

Facts about Thaneeya McArdle 2: Europe

McArdle also visited Europe. She had come to south of France where she enjoyed the eco retreat center. She also went to real Wales and picked wild berries.

Thaneeya McArdle

Thaneeya McArdle

Facts about Thaneeya McArdle 3: Australia

Do you know that McArdle chose Australia as her wedding place? She had the marriage ceremony under a basswood tree.

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Facts about Thaneeya McArdle 4: experiences

McArdle believed that her experience visiting new places in the world made her learn about the differences. She also knew more about the culture from many places in the world.

Facts about Thaneeya McArdle 5: how does she view art?

McArdle is always inspired with the world. She interprets and assimilates it through her art.

Thaneeya McArdle Facts

Thaneeya McArdle Facts

Facts about Thaneeya McArdle 6: the early life

McArdle had most of her early life in Florida. In 1997, she graduated from high school. Then she continued her education at Warren Wilson College. The location of the college was in the mountains at the outer part of Asheville.

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Facts about Thaneeya McArdle 7: the next education

McArdle had a full scholarship from University of South Florida. She studied there for four years.

Facts about Thaneeya McArdle 8: the work style of McArdle

Most works created by McArdle are included in the category of Composite Realism.

Facts about Thaneeya McArdle

Facts about Thaneeya McArdle

Facts about Thaneeya McArdle 9: inspiration

McArdle has been inspired from unseen path, crannies, and nooks when creating her artworks. They are special and unique.

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Facts about Thaneeya McArdle 10: popularity of her works

McArdle’s works are very popular. Many collectors all over the world have purchased her original artworks since 2002. You can also find her art in many other items like pillows, jewelry, cell phone cases and t-shirts. If you are interested with her works, you can purchase one of them.

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