10 Facts about the Rockettes

Post On: August 13, 2018

Facts about The Rockettes elaborate the information about the precision dance company. Have you ever watched their performance before? You must be inspired and impressed with the beauty and movement of the dance. The foundation of the company took place in St. Louis, Missouri in 1925. If you are interested to watch their performance, you can go to the Radio City Music Hall. The location of the building is in Manhattan, New York City. The Rockettes have performed in the building since 1932. They have established a touring company since 2015. Find other important facts about the Rockettes by reading the following post below:

Facts about the Rockettes 1: American Guild of Variety Artists

American Guild of Variety Artists was the representative of the Rockettes. They asked for better working condition. After having a strike for a month, they got it. Penny Singleton was the leader of the strike. She was the officer of American Guild of Variety Artists.

Facts about The Rockettes 2: contract negotiations

Contract negotiations took place in August 2002. The owners of the Radio City Music Hall decided to have a buyout. There were two primary options available for the troupe’s veteran members. The retirement option was offered to a fourth of veteran members. Re-audition for the dancers in the Rockettes was offered for the remaining veteran members.

Facts about The Rockettes

Facts about The Rockettes

Facts about the Rockettes 3: Setsuko Maruhashi

Have you ever heard about Setsuko Maruhashi? In 1985, she was hired in The Rockettes. This Japan born woman takes the record as the first East Asian Rockette.

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Facts about The Rockettes 4: the dark skinned dancers

Before 1987, all dancers who performed as the Rockettes had bright skin color.

Facts about The Rockettes 5: African American dancers

The management of The Rockettes believed that the consistent look of the dancers would be distracted if they allowed the dark skin dancer join the Rockettes. Therefore, African American dancers were not accepted in the Rockettes before 1987.

The Rockettes Facts

The Rockettes Facts

Facts about the Rockettes 6: Jennifer Jones

In 1988, the first African American dancer made her debut as the Rockettes. She was Jennifer Jones.

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Facts about The Rockettes 7: induction

St. Louis Walk of Fame featured the induction of the Rockettes in 2007.

Facts about The Rockettes 8: the inauguration of Donald Trump

During the inauguration of Donald Trump, do you know that the Rockettes performed their dance? The troupe was managed by the Madison Square Garden Company. There was a bit controversy related to the performance. One of the complaints was from Rockette Phoebe Pearl. She had to perform against her wish.

The Rockettes Pic

The Rockettes Pic

Facts about The Rockettes 9: discomfort

Some of the Rockettes felt uncomfortable to perform for the elected president Donald Trump. However, the company believed that the Rockettes should be professional for it was an event.

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Facts about The Rockettes 10: the prominent Rockettes

Some of the major Rockettes include Vera Ellen, Alicia Luciano, Pat Colgate, Lucille Bremer, Kandice Pelletier and Jennifer Jones. Which one is your favorite Rockette?

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