10 Facts about the Rocks Sydney

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You will be informed with the famous urban locality on Facts about The Rocks Sydney. It is located in New South Wales, Australia. Have you ever visited this historic area of the city center of Sydney before? People love it much due to the many areas of interest in this urban locality. There is no need to wonder that it is called as the tourist precinct. The exact location of the Rocks, Sydney is on the southern shore of Sydney Harbor. The colony was formed in 1788. Soon after that, the Rocks was established. At that time, the Cadigal people called it as Tallawoladah. If you want to know more about the Rocks Sydney, check the following post below:

Facts about The Rocks Sydney 1: the characteristics of the original buildings

The area is called the Rocks because the original buildings here were created from the local sandstone. The houses were created in traditional vernacular design. The roof was thatched.

Facts about The Rocks Sydney 2: as a slum

Today, the Rocks is well praised by the people due to its amazing building, design and style. Do you know that it was known as a slum during the early settlement? The area was often visited by the prostitutes and sailors. Aboriginals were found living in the area after November 1790.

The Rocks Sydney Facts

The Rocks Sydney Facts

Facts about The Rocks Sydney 3: the population in 1823

The Rock Sydney was inhabited by around 1200 people in 1823.

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Facts about the Rocks Sydney 4: Rock Push

Rock Push was the name of a gang who dominated the area in the end of 19th century.

Facts about The Rocks Sydney 5: the historic building

The serious damages and decays were found on the historic building of the Rock in the beginning of 20th century.

The Rocks Sydney

The Rocks Sydney

Facts about The Rocks Sydney 6: demolishing the buildings in the Rocks

Many buildings in the Rocks, which included the wharves and houses, were demolished due to the break out of bubonic plague in 1900. The construction of Sydney Harbor Bridge demolished hundreds of building in 1920s.

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Facts about The Rocks Sydney 7: census

According to the census conducted in 2016, the Rocks was inhabited by 774 people.

Facts about The Rocks Sydney 8: popularity

The Rocks is very popular among the tourists due its proximity with the Harbor Bridge and Circular Quay. You can check historic pubs, craft shops and souvenir shops in the area. Around 100 stalls can be found on the weekly Rocks Market.

Facts about The Rocks Sydney

Facts about The Rocks Sydney

Facts about The Rocks Sydney 9: the famous historic building

The Rocks features the famous historic buildings such as the Dawes Point Battery, Sydney Observatory and Cadmans Cottage.

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Facts about The Rocks Sydney 10: the oldest surviving pubs

The Lord Nelson and Fortune of War are the two oldest surviving pubs in The Rocks.

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