10 Facts about the Tabernacle

Post On: September 18, 2018

Facts about the Tabernacle talk about the dwelling place of residence for the Jewish people. Tabernacle is not a permanent dwelling place. It was portable. Tabernacle features 48 boards. They were decorated with gold like vertical blinds along with woven layers of curtains. The valuable items like jewels, furs, brass, silver, and gold were used to decorate the tabernacle. The Jewish took them out of Egypt. At that time, the Jewish was looking for the Promised Land. They had to travel through the wilderness to search for it. The dwelling place of God located at Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem was dated back 440 years later. Check out other wonderful facts about tabernacle below:

Facts about the Tabernacle 1: Book of Exodus

Have you ever read Book of Exodus? The construction of tabernacle was elaborated in the biblical book. It was considered as the primary source. You can check Exodus, 25-31 and 35-40 that give the readers the account of tabernacle.

Facts about the Tabernacle 2: the description of tabernacle

According to the book, tabernacle is defined as the Holy of Holies. The Ark of the Covenant was located in this inner shrine. It has an outer chamber. You have to see the picture of the tabernacle to find out the design and layout.

Facts about the Tabernacle

Facts about the Tabernacle

Facts about the Tabernacle 3: the maker and builder of tabernacle

Do you know the maker or builder of tabernacle? He was the son of Uri son of Hur from Judah Tribe called Bezalel. Aholiab was the name of his assistant. When working on the tabernacle, they were also helped by some skilled artisans.

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Facts about the Tabernacle 4: the strict rules

The Jewish should follow the strict rules related to the tabernacle. They were presented in the Hebrew Bible, which have guidance to the Jewish people when making and caring for the tabernacle.

Facts about the Tabernacle 5: the rules

One of the primary rules of tabernacle was the equipment and furnishing must be put on the tabernacle.

the Tabernacle Facts

the Tabernacle Facts

Facts about the Tabernacle 6: traveling

When the Jewish traveled, the tabernacle should never be left behind. They should take it with them during the travel. Moreover, they had to camp around the tabernacle and care for it.

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Facts about the Tabernacle 7: moving the tabernacle

A rule should be applied when moving a tabernacle. It should be taken down and set up again by the Levites when it was moved.

Facts about the Tabernacle 8: approaching the tabernacle

Execution will be conducted if a person went too near to the tabernacle. The entry to the tabernacle would not be given to the person with Tzaraat skin affliction.

the Tabernacle

the Tabernacle

Facts about the Tabernacle 9: the priest

The priest would burn the fragrant incense by standing at the front of golden prayer altar twice a day.

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Facts about the Tabernacle 10: other rituals

Ceremony of Ordination, Daily Meal-Offering, Dedication of Nazirites and Octave of Ordination were some rituals conducted in the tabernacle.

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