10 Facts about the Telegraph

Post On: October 22, 2018

Let us find the interesting information about the long distance transmission as a form of communication on facts about the Telegraph. It is different room the audio and verbal messages since telegraph uses the symbolic and textual messages. One example of telegraphy is semaphore. Since it uses symbols, the sender and receiver should be able to encode the messages. The early examples of the methods of telegraphy include flag semaphore, reflected light signals, beacons and smoke signals.

Facts about the Telegraph 1: the electrical telegraph

The electrical telegraphy was invented because of the presence of electricity in the 19th century. The wireless telegraphy and radiotelegraphy were invented in the 20th century due to the presence of radio.

Facts about the Telegraph 2: the presence of internet

The presence of internet gives a big impact in the telegraph. It allows the people to send and receive the instant messaging and electronic mails. In 1837, people began to know the commercial electrical telegraphs.

facts about the Telegraph

facts about the Telegraph

Facts about the Telegraph 3: the first form of telegraph

Do you know the first form of telegraph? It came in the form of optical telegraph. The primary examples included the reflected lights, beacons and smoke signals. All of them had been used since the ancient period.

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Facts about the Telegraph 4: Robert Hooke

Do you know Robert Hooke? If you study science, you must know about him. In 1684, he presented a proposal before the Royal Society about an optical telegraph system. In 1767, Sir Richard Lovell Edgeworth had his experiment about it.

Facts about the Telegraph 5: Claude Chappe

Claude Chappe was the inventor of the first successful semaphore network. In 1793 until 1846, the network was applied in France.

the Telegraph Facts

the Telegraph Facts

Facts about the Telegraph 6: the French Revolution

In 1790 until 1795, France needed a form of communication, which enabled them to gain information about their enemies during the French Revolution. The device invented by Chappe brothers in 1790 made it happen, since French government was capable to get the intelligence and send order as soon as possible.

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Facts about the Telegraph 7: “Scots Magazine”

In 1753, “Scots Magazine” contained the first advice of using electricity as a means of communication. It led into the development of electrical telegraph. However, it has never been developed as an advanced form of communication due to the impracticality.

Facts about the Telegraph 8: Samuel Thomas von Sömmering

Samuel Thomas von Sömmering was the early experiment on electrical telegraph. He did in 1809. He was known as an inventor, anatomist and physicians from Germany.

the Telegraph

the Telegraph

Facts about the Telegraph 9: Francis Ronalds

In 1816, Francis Ronalds was successful to create the first working telegraph. This inventor was from England.

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Facts about the Telegraph 10: Morse

You must be familiar with Morse code. Samuel Morse developed an electrical telegraph. He got the patent in 1837. The Morse code signaling alphabets were developed his Alfred Vail and Morse. The former is Morse’s assistant.

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