10 Facts about the Tempest

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If you are a fan of William Shakespeare, you can check Facts about the Tempest. The scholars believe that The Tempest was written between 1610 and 1611. Many critics shared their belief that The Tempest was the last play of Shakespeare that he wrote alone. The story of the play was set in a remote island. It was centered on how the rightful Duke of Milan, Prospero used his skilfull manipulation and illusion to send his daughter Miranda in the right place. Let us find out other interesting facts about the Tempest below:

Facts about the Tempest 1: the first publication

The first publication of The Tempest took place in 1623 in the First Folio. The tragicomedy affected the story of the Tempest. If you think that the story is similar with other plays of Shakespeare, you are very wrong.

Facts about the Tempest 2: the differences

The primary difference lies on the organized neoclassical style of The Tempest. Moreover, it is stricter.

the Tempest

the Tempest

Facts about the Tempest 3: Prospero

Prospero is considered as the primary character in the Tempest. The character was believed as the representation of Shakespeare according to the early critics.

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Facts about the Tempest 4: postcolonial theory

The postcolonial theory is often employed when the people study the piece of play. It was started when Octave Mannoni published Psychology of Colonization.

Facts about the Tempest 5: the attention

The attention of the people was not directed to the Tempest. The play was banned in 1642, which made the people attracted to the play. After the Restoration, people were interested to see the performance of the Tempest on stage.

the Tempest Facts

the Tempest Facts

Facts about the Tempest 6: the greatest work

Today, The Tempest is considered as one of the greatest works of Shakespeare. The value of the play has been praised by the critics, scholars and audiences.

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Facts about the Tempest 7: the adaptation

Due to the amazing popularity that The Tempest has, it has been adapted in many forms and styles. The Tempest also inspires musicians and composers to create songs and compositions. It also gives inspiration to the artists and authors.

Facts about the Tempest 8: the characters

There are a number of characters in The Tempest. The important ones include Propero, Miranda, Ariel, Caliban, Sycorax, Alonso, Sebastian, and Antonio.

Facts about the Tempest

Facts about the Tempest

Facts about the Tempest 9: the structure

The structure of The Tempest was inspired from the commedia dell’arte. This traditional Italian featured a number of characteristics such as the supernatural attendants a magus and his daughter and some rustics. The manipulative father was Pantalone, while his daughter was Isabella whose relationship was a bit similar with Prospero and Miranda.

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Facts about the Tempest 10: the study of feminism

Feminism is also applied when studying about The Tempest. Miranda is the online female character in the play.

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