10 Facts about the Third Crusade

Post On: November 12, 2018

One of the religious historical events in the world is explained on Facts about the Third Crusade. In 1187, Saladin known as the Ayyubid sultan captured Jerusalem with its Holy Land. Therefore, the Christian leaders from Europe tried to regain the land in the Third Crusade. It took place in 1189 until 1192. The primary leaders in the Third Crusade were Richard I of England and Philip II of France. They were known as the Kings’ Crusade. They failed to regain Jerusalem even though the major cities like Jaffa and Acre were recaptured by the campaigns in the First Crusade. Let me show you other impressive facts about Third Crusade in the following post below:

Facts about the Third Crusade 1: the Second Crusade

The Second Crusade was not successful. The unified Syria was ruled by the Zengid dynasty. The Fatimid rulers of Egypt had a conflict with the dynasty. Saladin was capable to unify the forces of Syria and Egypt.

Facts about the Third Crusade 2: the primary purpose of Saladin

Saladin had an intention to recapture Jerusalem by getting the support from Syria and Egypt. Both of them helped Saladin to decrease the Christian states.

the Third Crusade

the Third Crusade

Facts about the Third Crusade 3: the new crusade

The conflict between France and England ended when the leaders of both kingdoms decided to combine their power for the new crusade. England was with their famous King Henry II. On the other hand, King Philip was the leader of France. He was also known as Philip Augustus.

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Facts about the Third Crusade 4: the death of Henry II

In 1189, King Henry II passed away. He was succeeded by King Richard I of England. The new crusade also gained the support from German Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. Before he was capable to reach the Holy Land, he drowned in a river on June 10th, 1190 in Asia Minor. Most of his soldiers decided to came back to their home.

Facts about the Third Crusade 5: the successor of Frederick Barbarossa

Frederick Barbarossa was succeeded by Leopold V. He was Duke of Austria. In August 1191, he left to reach the Holy Land.

the Third Crusade Facts

the Third Crusade Facts

Facts about the Third Crusade 6: the treaty about Jerusalem

A treaty was enacted between Saladin and Richard about Jerusalem on September 2nd, 1192.

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Facts about the Third Crusade 7: the content of the treaty

According to the treaty, the Muslim had the right to control Jerusalem. However, Jerusalem was allowed to visit by the Christian merchants and pilgrims.

Facts about the Third Crusade 8: Richard’s departure

Richard left the Holy Land on October 9, 1192, which ended the Third Crusade. Some states on the coast of Syria and Cyprus were controlled by the Crusaders.

Facts about the Third Crusade

Facts about the Third Crusade

Facts about the Third Crusade 9: failure

The Third Crusade was a failure because they could not recapture Jerusalem. The Fourth Crusade took place.

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Facts about the Third Crusade 10: the Sixth Crusade

The Sixth Crusade was successful to regain the city in 1229.

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