10 Facts about Thomas Coram

Post On: November 15, 2018

Facts about Thomas Coram elaborate the information about a famous philanthropist. He was born circa 1668. He passed away on March 29th, 1751. Coram was known as the founder of London Foundling Hospital in Lamb’s Conduit Fields, Bloomsbury. The residence was used to take care the neglected kids. Some people believe that it is the first incorporated charity in the world. The birthplace of Coram was located in Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK. It was believed that his father worked as a master marine.

Facts about Thomas Coram 1: education

Coram did not have any appropriate education during his life. When he was 11 years old, he went to the sea. He lived in the area of Taunton in 1694. It is the present day Dighton, Massachusetts. He was there for ten years where he established a shipyard.

Facts about Thomas Coram 2: a schoolhouse

Coram donated his 24 ha or 59 acres of land in Taunton according to a deed on December 8th, 1703. The land was used for building a schoolhouse.

Thomas Coram

Thomas Coram

Facts about Thomas Coram 3: a library

As a philanthropist, Coram also donated some books to establish as library. It was located at St. Thomas’ Church. Speaker Onslow gave him a Book of Common Prayer. The book was also donated to the library.

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Facts about Thomas Coram 4: return to London

Coram decided to come back to London when he was 36 years old in 1704. He contributed to the act of parliament related to the import of tar.

Facts about Thomas Coram 5: as a captain

Coram earned the epithet as a captain when he became a commander of a merchant ship during the Spanish Succession War, which took place in 1701 until 1714.

Thomas Coram Facts

Thomas Coram Facts

Facts about Thomas Coram 6: the role in Trinity House

In Trinity House Deptford, Coram earned an important role in 1712. The corporation has a private statue, which blended charity and public responsibility.

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Facts about Thomas Coram 7: the fame

When people talked about Coram, they always associate him with his charity and public spirit. James Oglethorpe’s exertions were established by Coram after he became a member of the trustees for Georgia Colony in 1732.

Facts about Thomas Coram 8: foundling hospital

Coram decided to establish a foundling hospital when he saw infants in the state of dying on the streets. The primary purpose was to look after the children and orphans. In 1739, his Foundling Hospital earned the charter from King George II.

Facts about Thomas Coram

Facts about Thomas Coram

Facts about Thomas Coram 9: the first meeting

On 20th November 1739, the guardians of the Foundling Hospital met for the first time at Somerset House.

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Facts about Thomas Coram 10: the foundation stone

On September 16th, 1742, the foundation stone was laid for the Foundling Hospital.

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