10 Facts about Thomas Crapper

Post On: November 15, 2018

Facts about Thomas Crapper make you realize the life of a plumber who established Thomas Crapper and Co. People still do not know the date of birth of Crapper. However, the information about the date of his baptism is available. He was baptized on September 28th, 1836. He passed away on January 27th, 1910. The company was located in London. During his life, Crapper had earned some royal warrants for his products due to their amazing quality. If you are interested to know more about Thomas Crapper, check the following post below:

Facts about Thomas Crapper 1: the tourist attraction in London

One of the minor tourist attractions in London has something to do with Crapper. Some people also like to visit the manhole covers with the name of his company. The location is in Westminster Abbey.

Facts about Thomas Crapper 2: be the first

Crapper was a renowned company in the world since it always became the first. Until 1966, the company took the record as the owner of the first sink, toilet and bath showroom in the world.

Thomas Crapper

Thomas Crapper

Facts about Thomas Crapper 3: the manufacturing site for the lavatorial equipment

The manufacturing site of the lavatorial equipment of the company was located near Marlborough Road. Today, the site is located at Draycott Avenue.

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Facts about Thomas Crapper 4: the birthplace

The birthplace of Crapper was in Thorne, South Yorkshire. He was born in 1836. The exact date is still not known until today.

Facts about Thomas Crapper 5: father of Crapper

The father of Crapper worked as a sailor. His name was Charles.

Thomas Crapper Facts

Thomas Crapper Facts

Facts about Thomas Crapper 6: apprenticeship as a plumber

Before he set up his own company, Crapper was a plumber. He began his career as an apprentice for George, his brother in 1853. Then he became a sanitary engineer after finishing his apprentice and worked as a journeyman plumber for three years.

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Facts about Thomas Crapper 7: the concept of bathroom

Crapper had his own concept of bathroom. He focused on the bathroom-fitting showroom and sanitary plumbing. Crapper had his first royal warrant after Prince Edward bought a countryseat from his company for Sandringham House. Then he was asked to set 30 lavatories with the enclosures and seats created form cedarwood. The next royal warrants were from Prince Edward who later became the king and Prince George V who also became the king later.

Facts about Thomas Crapper 8: retirement

Crapper retired from the firm in 1904. The business then was handled by George, his nephew and Robert Marr Wharam, his business partner.

Facts about Thomas Crapper

Facts about Thomas Crapper

Facts about Thomas Crapper 9: death

Crapper passed away on January 27th, 1910. Six years before his death, he settled in Anerley.

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Facts about Thomas Crapper 10: patents

Crapper got nine patents for his works on bathroom. Three of them were focused on the improvement of closets.

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