10 Facts about Thomas Gage

Post On: November 15, 2018

Facts about Thomas Gage make you realize more about the life of a British Army general officer. During the beginning of the American Revolution, Gage was known as the commander in chief for the Great Britain. During his life, he had served in the North America as the colonial official and general officer. He was born on March 10th, 1718/19 and died on April 2nd, 1787. During his military career, Gage had been involved in the French and Indian War. He was from an aristocratic family. During the Battle of the Monongahela in 1755, Gage was involved along with George Washington who later became his opponent. Check out other impressive facts about Thomas Gage below:

Facts about Thomas Gage 1: the military governor

Gage became a military governor after the Montreal fell in 1760. He showed the world that he was a competent administrator though he never detached himself from military.

Facts about Thomas Gage 2: the commander in chief

He became a commander in chief in the British forces in North America in 1763 until 1775. During the Pontiac’s Rebellion, he oversaw the response of the Britain.

Thomas Gage Facts

Thomas Gage Facts

Facts about Thomas Gage 3: another post for military governor

Gage took the role as the military governor for Province of Massachusetts Bay in 1774. He was asked by the British government to give punishment for Massachusetts due to the Boston Tea Party. That is why the Intolerable Acts should be applied by Gage in that province.

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Facts about Thomas Gage 4: the Battles of Lexington and Concord

The beginning of the American Revolutionary War took place due to the Battles of Lexington and Concord. In April 1775, he tried to capture the military store of the Patriot militias, which led into the battle.

Facts about Thomas Gage 5: General William Howe

General William Howe replaced his role after Gage had Pyrrhic victory in the June Battle of Bunker. He was sent back into Great Britain on October 11th, 1775.

Thomas Gage

Thomas Gage

Facts about Thomas Gage 6: living in England

Gage decided to live in England after returning to Great Britain. He had a house located on Portland Place, London along with his family.

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Facts about Thomas Gage 7: reactivation

Gage was on duty again when he was selected to mobilize the forces under the order of Amherst in April 1781. The 17th Light Dragoons was under his command in the following year.

Facts about Thomas Gage 8: a full general

On November 20th, 1782, Gage earned a promotion as a full general. Then the 11th Dragoons were under his command.

Facts about Thomas Gage

Facts about Thomas Gage

Facts about Thomas Gage 9: the military activities in the later years

He had declined military activity due to the reduction of war machinery in the middle-1780s.

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Facts about Thomas Gage 10: declined health and death

In the beginning of 1780s, his health was declined. He passed away on April 2nd, 1787 at Portland Place.

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