10 Facts about Thomas Gainsborough

Post On: November 15, 2018

Facts about Thomas Gainsborough tell the readers about the famous printmaker and painter. The exact date of birth is not known. However, he was baptized on May 14th, 1727. He passed away on August 2nd, 1788. People also recognize him as a draughtsman. His paintings are mostly about landscape and portrait. During the second half of the 18th century, Gainsborough assumed the title as one of the most important portraits artists in Great Britain. The other painter was Sir Joshua Reynolds. He was his rival. Let us find out other interesting facts about Thomas Gainsborough below:

Facts about Thomas Gainsborough 1: the style and characteristics of his painting

He used the easy strokes and mild palette when painting his works. Painting is not a long process for him since he can do it in quick process.

Facts about Thomas Gainsborough 2: the landscape

The landscape paintings are more popular among the people though Gainsborough got the status as a prolific portrait painter.

Thomas Gainsborough

Thomas Gainsborough

Facts about Thomas Gainsborough 3: the originator

Due to his amazing landscape paintings, Gainsborough was also known as the originator for the British Landscape School in the 18th century along with Richard Wilson.

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Facts about Thomas Gainsborough 4: the birthplace

The birthplace of Gainsborough was located in Sudbury, Suffolk. His father worked as a weaver. His name was John Gainsborough. Thomas was the youngest son in the family.

Facts about Thomas Gainsborough 5: the childhood

Gainsborough had his early life living Gainsborough’s House. It is located on Gainsborough Street. Now the house is used to display the artworks of Gainsborough.

Thomas Gainsborough Facts

Thomas Gainsborough Facts

Facts about Thomas Gainsborough 6: the interest in art

Gainsborough was interested with painting and drawing when he saw his father’s skills. He believed that when he was 10, he had painted small landscapes and heads.

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Facts about Thomas Gainsborough 7: education

Gainsborough went to London in 1740 to study art. His parents gave him permission to leave the house. Hubert Gravelot was an engraver who trained him. However, he was mostly connected with the school of William Hogarth.

Facts about Thomas Gainsborough 8: personal life

Margaret Burr was the wife of Gainsborough. The couple married in 1746. His father in law was Duke of Beaufort. However, Burr was only his illegitimate daughter. When his family relocated to Ipswich, he earned commission to create portraits. Most of his clients were squires and local merchants. He also created self-portraits there. You can spot the collection at National Portrait Gallery in London.

Facts about Thomas Gainsborough

Facts about Thomas Gainsborough

Facts about Thomas Gainsborough 9: a national reputation

Gainsborough gained a national reputation as a painter after his exhibitions, which displayed his works on prominent clients at that time.

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Facts about Thomas Gainsborough 10: Royal Academy

In 1769, he became a founding member for Royal Academy. In 1773, he did not exhibit his works again at the academy due to their difficult relationship.

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