10 Facts about Thomas Newcomen

Post On: November 17, 2018

Facts about Thomas Newcomen tell the readers about the English inventor. The Newcomen atmospheric engine is considered as the most popular and well-known invention of Newcomen. It was known as the first practical steam engine. He created it in 1712. Newcomen was born in February 1664 and died on August 5th, 1729. Newcomen also assumed the role as a Baptist lay preacher and an ironmonger.

Facts about Thomas Newcomen 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Newcomen was located in Dartmouth, Devon, England. On February 28th, 1664, he was baptized at St. Saviour’s. Newcomen was from a merchant family.

Facts about Thomas Newcomen 2: flooding

Flooding was considered as a big problem for the tin and coalmines. Newcomen was interested to remove the flooding water from the mines by pumping it out.

Facts about Thomas Newcomen

Facts about Thomas Newcomen

Facts about Thomas Newcomen 3: the ironmonger business

Newcomen developed an ironmonger business. It sold the mining tools. It also manufactured and designed the tools.

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Facts about Thomas Newcomen 4: the role in the local Baptist church

Newcomen also took an important role in the local Baptist church as a teacher elder and a lay preacher. He took the higher role as the pastor after 1710.

Thomas Newcomen

Thomas Newcomen

Facts about Thomas Newcomen 5: the spread of his steam engine

The steam engine invented by Newcomen was popular due to his connection with the Baptist church. Jonathan Hornblower was also member of the church. He was an engineer.

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Facts about Thomas Newcomen 6: the famous invention

The most famous invention of Newcomen was his steam engine. The ideas of steam engine of Denis Papin and Thomas Savery were combined by Newcomen in his work. He developed it in 1712. The primary function of his stream engine was to pump out the flooding water from the tin mine.

Facts about Thomas Newcomen 7: the later life

The later life of Newcomen was not known much. The ‘Proprietors of the Invention for Raising Water by Fire’ was the unincorporated company, which managed the engine affairs after 1715.

Facts about Thomas Newcomen 8: the material

For almost 75 years, material change was not spotted on the Newcomen engine. It was distributed to mainland Europe, and many regions in United Kingdom.

Thomas Newcomen Facts

Thomas Newcomen Facts

Facts about Thomas Newcomen 9: the change

In 1720s, the Coalbrookdale Company applied the new iron casting to replace the brass cylinders.

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Facts about Thomas Newcomen 10: the number of production

The number of Newcomen engine built was around 600 pieces by 1775.

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