10 Facts about Thomas Paine

Post On: November 17, 2018

Are you interested to study about the political figures in the world? You have to read Facts about Thomas Paine. He was known as a political activist, political theorist, and philosopher. His birth name was Thomas Pain. However, he was known more as Thomas Paine. During the onset of the American Revolution, Paine played an important role for writing two powerful pamphlets. The patriots were inspired by his pamphlets to gain independence from Britain. In the history of America, he is always known as one of the Founding Fathers of US. Find out other interesting facts about Thomas Paine below:

Facts about Thomas Paine 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Paine was located in Norfolk, England. In 1774, Paine left Britain to the New World. Benjamin Franklin gave him a hand during the migration process. The timing of his arrival was perfect since he could join the American Revolution.

Facts about Thomas Paine 2: the powerful pamphlet

Common Sense was the title of his powerful pamphlet in 1776. It was a bestselling pamphlet, which had been read and listened to by all rebels.

Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine

Facts about Thomas Paine 3: the pamphlet series

Paine also had his pamphlet series released in 1776 until 1783 under the title The American Crisis.

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Facts about Thomas Paine 4: the French Revolution

Do you know that Paine took part in French Revolution? In 1790s, he spent most of his life living in France.

Facts about Thomas Paine 5: Rights of Man

Paine was also the writer of Rights of Man. He wrote it to fight against the critics who disagreed with French Revolution. In 1792, a writ of arrest was issued for him since the government was afraid that his works would influence the people to overthrow the government.

Thomas Paine Home

Thomas Paine Home

Facts about Thomas Paine 6: reaching France

Paine reached for France in September since he did not want to be captured. The surprising fact was that he made it to the French National Convention by election though he could not speak French.

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Facts about Thomas Paine 7: arrest in France

Paine had to stay inside the Luxembourg Prison in Paris after he was arrested in December 1793. During his stay in the prison, he focused on working The Age of Reason. In November 1794, he was released from the prison after the future president James Monroe used his diplomatic connection.

Facts about Thomas Paine 8: Agrarian Justice

In 1797, Agrarian Justice was published. Paine presented the concept of a guaranteed minimum income.

Facts about Thomas Paine

Facts about Thomas Paine

Facts about Thomas Paine 9: return to United States

Paine went back to United States in 1802. On 8th June 1809, he passed away. His funeral was only attended by six people as he ridiculed Christianity.

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Facts about Thomas Paine 10: parents

His mother was Frances. His father was Joseph. He was a Quaker.

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