10 Facts about Thor Heyerdahl

Post On: November 19, 2018

Facts about Thor Heyerdahl tell the readers about the famous Norwegian adventurer. He was born on 6th October 1914 and died on 18th April 2002. Heyerdahl is also known as an ethnographer. In 1947, he had Kon-Tiki expedition, which increased his fame in the world. Do you know that Heyerdahl had various backgrounds? He knew about geography, botany, and zoology. The expedition attracted the global interest since he sailed with a handmade raft to reach 5,000 miles or 8,000 kilometers in the Pacific Ocean from South America to Tuamotu Islands. The primary purpose of the expedition was to prove the ability of the ancient people on a long voyage on the sea with a handmade raft.

Facts about Thor Heyerdahl 1: the Ra II expedition of 1970

Another famous expedition of Heyerdahl was the Ra II expedition of 1970, which tried to prove the possibility of contact of the ancient people. He sailed with a papyrus reed boat to reach Barbados from the west coast of Africa.

Facts about Thor Heyerdahl 2: a government scholar

In 1984, Heyerdahl earned the title as the government scholar. The archives of Heyerdahl were also included in the Memory of the World Register in UNESCO in May 2011.

Thor Heyerdahl Bust

Thor Heyerdahl Bust

Facts about Thor Heyerdahl 3: the content of Heyerdahl’s archives

The archives of Heyerdahl included his articles, expedition plans, private letters, photographic collections, original books, newspaper clippings, article manuscripts and diaries. They were taken from 1937 until 2002. The Kon-Tiki Museum and the National Library of Norway in Oslo are the administrators for the archives.

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Facts about Thor Heyerdahl 4: the birthplace

The birthplace of Heyerdahl was located in Larvik, Norway. His mother was Alison Lyng. His father was Those Heyerdahl. He was known as a master brewer.

Facts about Thor Heyerdahl 5: the early interest

Heyerdahl had the early interest in zoology when he was a child. His mother inspired him to study about zoology since she was interested with the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin.

Thor Heyerdahl facts

Thor Heyerdahl facts

Facts about Thor Heyerdahl 6: a small museum

Heyerdahl had Vipera berus or a common adder as the primary interest in his small museum located in his childhood home.

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Facts about Thor Heyerdahl 7: education

Heyerdahl attended University of Oslo. He took geography and zoology at the faculty of biological science. Heyerdahl was also interested to study the history and culture of Polynesia.

Facts about Thor Heyerdahl 8: personal life

Heyerdahl married three times. His first wife was Liv Coucheron-Torp. His second wife was Yvonne Dedekam-Simonsen. The couple was blessed with three daughters. His third wife was Jacqueline Beer.

Facts about Thor Heyerdahl

Facts about Thor Heyerdahl

Facts about Thor Heyerdahl 9: death of Heyerdahl

Heyerdahl passed away on 18th April 2002 in Italy. At that time, he was celebrating Easter holidays.

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Facts about Thor Heyerdahl 10: a state funeral

On 26 April 2002, Heyerdahl was buried with a state funeral by the Norwegian government.

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