10 Facts about Thoroughbred

Post On: November 20, 2018

Facts about Thoroughbred discuss the interesting information about a horse breed. The primary use of this breed is for horseracing. The breed of purebred horse is often called Thoroughbred. However, the technical term is mostly used to call the Thoroughbred breed. The horse racers like to ride the Thoroughbred because of their impressive characteristics and features. Thoroughbred has high level of spirit, speed and agility. They are hot blooded. Let us find out other interesting facts about Thoroughbreds by reading the following post below:

Facts about Thoroughbred 1: the development

The development of Thoroughbred took place in England between 17th and 18th centuries.

Facts about Thoroughbred 2: cross breeding

Thoroughbred was developed by crossbreeding the native mares with oriental stallions of Turkoman, Barb and Arabian breeding. Therefore, the history of Thoroughbred breeding was originated from those stallions. All of them were imported to England between 17th and 18th centuries.

Facts about Thoroughbred 3: the spread of Thoroughbred

Thoroughbred could be found in many parts of the world in the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1730, North America started to import the Thoroughbred. In the 19th century, South America, Japan, Europe and Australia started to import it.

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Facts about Thoroughbred 4: the number of Thoroughbred in the present day

In this present day, there are millions of Thoroughbreds. The number of annual registration reaches 100,000 foals.

Facts about Thoroughbred 5: the primary use

The primary use of Thoroughbred is for racing. People also breed it for other purposes such as dressage, combined training, show jumping, foxhunting and polo.

Facts about Thoroughbred 6: the other breed creation

Do you know that Thoroughbred is also crossbred to create new breeds? It plays an important role in the creation of warm blood breeds, Anglo Arabian, Stadardbred and Quarter Horse breed.

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Facts about Thoroughbred 7: the risk

Bleeding from the lungs is considered as one of the primary health problems faced by Thoroughbred. The risk of having accident on Thoroughbred is also high due to the maximum exertion that it has. The abnormally small hearts and low fertility are considered as the other two common health problems for Thoroughbred.

Facts about Thoroughbred 8: the height

The height of Thoroughbred is measured at 62 to 68 inches or 157 to 173 cm. They are found in a number of colors such as gray, black, chestnut, brown, dark bay, and bay colors. Palomino and roan are the less common colors on Thoroughbred in US.


Facts about Thoroughbred 9: Bulle Rock

Bulle Rock took the record as the first Thoroughbred in American Colonies. In 1730, it was imported. The center of the Thoroughbred was in Virginia and Maryland. The import of Thoroughbred from England was stopped during the American Revolution. The center of breeding and racing thoroughbred was located in Kentucky and Tennessee after the revolution.

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Facts about Thoroughbred 10: in Europe

In 1817 and 1818, France started to import Thoroughbred.

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