10 Facts about Three’s Company

Post On: November 23, 2018

Facts about Three’s Company present the information about the popular American sitcom. The story was based on Man about the House, a sitcom aired in Britain. Three’s Company had the pilot episode on 15th March 1977 on ABC. It ended on 18th September 1984. It had eight seasons. The story of Three’s Company was centered on Janes Wood, Chrissy Snow and Jack Tripper. All of them were single roommates. Tripper was played by John Ritter, while Snow and Wood were portrayed by Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt. Let us get other interesting facts about Three’s Company below:

Facts about Three’s Company 1: the place of living of the single roommates

The three single roommates lived in the same apartment complex located in Santa Monica, California. Stanley Roper and Helen Roper were the owners of the complex. They were portrayed by Norman Fell and Audra Lindley respectively.

Facts about Three’s Company 2: Jenilee Harrison

Jenilee Harrison became the cast in Three’s Company after Somers decided to leave the show in the end of 1980s. He became the first cousin of Snow. Then her role was replaced by Priscilla Barnes.

Three's Company

Three’s Company

Facts about Three’s Company 3: the themes of the sitcom

The sitcom was focused on the lives of the three characters, which included their finance, social life and misunderstandings.

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Facts about Three’s Company 4: the popularity

Three’s Company was very popular among the audiences. In 1977 until 1983, it was always included in the top ten lists.

Facts about Three’s Company 5: the spinoffs

The spinoffs of Three’s Company were also released due to the show’s popularity. The Ropers and Three’s a Crowd were the spinoffs.

Three's Company Facts

Three’s Company Facts

Facts about Three’s Company 6: the setting of place

The filming location of Three’s Company was conducted at three major places. They were the landlord’s apartment, trio’s apartment and The Regal Beagle or a neighborhood pub.

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Facts about Three’s Company 7: the later sets

Many sets were spotted in later seasons of Three’s Company, which included Jack’s Bistro, apartment of Jack’s friend Larry, Janet’s flower shop, and Angelino’s restaurant.

Facts about Three’s Company 8: the theme song

Joe Raposo is responsible for the composition of the theme song in Three’s Company. He was known as a good composer for The Electric Company and Sesame Street. Ray Charles sang the theme song.

Facts about Three's Company

Facts about Three’s Company

Facts about Three’s Company 9: the development process

The development process of Three’s Company was lengthy. The production house had to shot three different pilot episodes.

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Facts about Three’s Company 10: the cast changes

The cast changes occurred during the run of the sitcom. In the spring 1979, the first change on the cast took place since The Ropers had their own show under the title The Ropers that presented the life of Stanley and Helen Ropers.

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