10 Facts about Throat Cancer

Post On: November 23, 2018

Facts about Throat Cancer tell us about the cancerous tumors found on voice box or throat. The beginning of the throat cancer usually affects the flat cells first. The throat cancer can affect the voice box too since the location is just below the throat. The function of the voice box is very important for us since it produces sound when you talk due to the vibrated vocal cords. The epiglottis can be affected with throat cancer too. The tonsil affected by the cancer is called tonsil cancer.

Facts about Throat Cancer 1: the common symptoms

There are a number of symptoms of throat cancer. You have to be aware of them if you want to have early detection on the cancer. They include ear pain, weight loss, a sore, a lump, a cough, a sore throat and changes in your voices. Some people also report to have difficulty to swallow.

Facts about Throat Cancer 2: the causes

The genetic mutation is considered as the major cause of cancer on throat. The healthy cells grow abnormally due to the mutation.

Facts about Throat Cancer

Facts about Throat Cancer

Facts about Throat Cancer 3: the types of throat cancer

Throat cancer comes in a number of types according to the affected areas on the throat. The cancer, which affects the voice box, is called laryngeal cancer. The pharyngeal cancer is the cancer, which develops in the throat. The cancer, which develops on a part of the throat located behind the nose, is called nasopharyngeal cancer.

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Facts about Throat Cancer 4: the risk factors

You will increase the risk factors of throat cancer if you chew tobacco or smoke tobacco. The high consumption of alcohol is also bad for your throat. Other risks include the GERD or Gastroesophageal reflux disease, low consumptions of vegetables and fruits and a sexually transmitted virus.

Facts about Throat Cancer 5: how to reduce the risk

You can reduce the risk of having throat cancer by avoiding the risk factors. It is recommended for the smokers to stop smoking.

Throat Cancer

Throat Cancer

Facts about Throat Cancer 6: excessive alcohol drinking

Excessive alcohol drinking is bad for your health. It increases the risk of having throat cancer. Drink alcohol in moderate amount.

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Facts about Throat Cancer 7: HPV

HPV is one of the sexually transmitted diseases. Throat cancer is also associated with it. You can take HPV vaccine and use condom when having sex to reduce the risk of HPV since HPV can increase the risk of throat cancer.

Facts about Throat Cancer 8: live a healthy life

Do not forget to live a healthy life. Avoid consuming the unhealthy food. You have to increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits to avoid any kinds of cancers.

Throat Cancer Facts

Throat Cancer Facts

Facts about Throat Cancer 9: the use of tobacco and alcohol

The consumption of tobacco and alcohol account for 75 percent of neck and head cancer.

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Facts about Throat Cancer 10: the number of the affected people

The people affected by the neck and head cancer reached over 5.5 million individuals in 2015.

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