10 Facts about Thyroid Cancer

Post On: November 26, 2018

Facts about Thyroid Cancer inform us with a type of cancer, which affects the thyroid gland. The cells or tissues in the gland have abnormal growth. The common symptoms are the presence of a lump in the neck and swelling. The common risk factors of thyroid cancer include family history, an enlarged thyroid and radiation exposure. Let us find out other facts about thyroid cancer by reading the whole post:

Facts about Thyroid Cancer 1: the major types of thyroid cancer

Do you know the four major types of thyroid cancer? They are anaplastic thyroid cancer, medullary thyroid cancer, follicular thyroid cancer and papillary thyroid cancer.

Facts about Thyroid Cancer 2: the diagnosis

If you are afraid that you have thyroid cancer, you can go to the doctor so that they can make a diagnosis based on your condition. The fine needle aspiration and ultrasound are considered as the common ways to diagnose thyroid cancer. As of 2017, it is not recommended for the people to have a screening on their thyroid gland if there is no symptom of cancer.

Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid Cancer

Facts about Thyroid Cancer 3: treatment

The radiation therapy is common to treat thyroid cancer. It can be in a form of radioactive iodine. Other treatments are watchful waiting, targeted therapy, thyroid hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery.

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Facts about Thyroid Cancer 4: surgery

Surgery can be conducted to treat thyroid cancer. Some parts of all parts of thyroid will be removed during the surgical process.

Facts about Thyroid Cancer 5: the survival rates

In US, the five-year survival rates for thyroid cancer are 98 percent.

Thyroid Cancer Facts

Thyroid Cancer Facts

Facts about Thyroid Cancer 6: the number of affected people

The number of people with thyroid cancer was 3.2 million as of 2015. The new cases of thyroid cancer, which occurred in 2012, reached 298,000. The most common age of occurrence of thyroid cancer is between 35 and 65. The mortality rate was 31,900 deaths in 2015.

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Facts about Thyroid Cancer 7: the risk factors

The men have lower risk than women to be affected by thyroid cancer. Moreover, the people with Asian descent have more risks.

Facts about Thyroid Cancer 8: the major symptom

The presence of nodule at the neck is considered as the major symptom of thyroid cancer. Another symptom is the enlarged lymph node.

Facts about Thyroid Cancer

Facts about Thyroid Cancer

Facts about Thyroid Cancer 9: the radiation

Radiation can lead into the development of thyroid cancer. It can be found on some of the victims of nuclear disasters.

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Facts about Thyroid Cancer 10: the prominent cases

Thyroid cancer had affected some high profile people. On 3 September 2005, William Rehnquist passed away because of anaplastic thyroid cancer. He was the Chief Justice of US. Other cases of thyroid cancer are experienced by Jerry Dipoto and Daniel Snyder. The former one was known as a pitcher in Major League Baseball. Dnyder was the owner of a football team, Washington Redskins.

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