10 Facts about Tianjin

Post On: November 27, 2018
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Facts about Tianjin make you know more about a coastal metropolis in Northern China. It takes the record as the 11th most populous city proper in the world since it is occupied by 15,469,500 inhabitants. In PRC or People’s Republic of China, it is included in the list of the national central cities. In the past, it was called Tientsin. In 1404, Tianjin was built as a walled city. Over the course of history, it has been known as a prominent gateway to reach Beijing to due to its big seaport.

Facts about Tianjin 1: the economy

Tianjin has flourished economy. In 2014, the GDP of the city was 1.572 trillion Yuan. It was increased 10 percent from the previous year GDP.

Facts about Tianjin 2: the primary industries

The primary industries, which contribute to the economy of Tianjin, include mechanical industries, car manufacturing, textiles, petrochemical industries, and metalworking.



Facts about Tianjin 3: the major manufacturer

One of the major manufacturers in Tianjin is EADS Airbus. Since 2009, Tianjin has been used as the assembly plants for Airbus A320.

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Facts about Tianjin 4: the headline news

Tianjin became a hot topic in 2010 due to the presence of Tianhe-1A. It takes the record as the current fastest supercomputer in the world.

Facts about Tianjin 5: the farmland

The farmland is also spotted in the city. It accounts for 40 percent of the total areas of Tianjin Municipality. The major crops planted here include maize, rice and wheat.

Tianjin Facts

Tianjin Facts

Facts about Tianjin 6: the people

Han Chinese is considered as the major residents in Tianjin. You can also spot Mongols, Manchu, Korean and Hui living in the city.

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Facts about Tianjin 7: tourism

Tourism in Tianjin is also great. You can do many sightseeing activities here. The unique Europe architecture dated back in 20th century and the historical building dated back in 19th century are present. The protection has been applied by the government for the colonial building and architecture.

Facts about Tianjin 8: the famous landmarks

Some of the famous landmarks in the city are Century Clock, Tianjin Eye, Astor Hotel, Temple of Great Compassion, Hai River Park, St. Joseph’s Cathedral of Tianjin, Nankai Middle School, Tianjin Art Gallery, Five Main Avenues, Binjiang Avenue shopping street, Tianjin Zoo, Tianjin Water Park and many more.

Facts about Tianjin

Facts about Tianjin

Facts about Tianjin 9: stand up comedy

Standup comedy is popular in Tianjin. The famous comedians are Ma Sanli and Guo Degang. The former one used Tianjin dialect to deliver his famous xiangsheng. It is a form of entertainment in China, which looks like a comedy.

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Facts about Tianjin 10: foods

Seafood is considered as the major type of food in the city since it is located near the beach. The famous menu includes Four Great Stews, Eight Great Bowls, Guifaxiang Shibajie Mahua and many more. If you want to enjoy the local snack, go to Nanshi Food Street.

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