10 Facts about Tibia

Post On: November 28, 2018
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Facts about Tibia talk about one of the popular games in the world. It is included as a type of MMORPG or massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Do you know the creator of Tibia? CipSoft is the creator. During the early years, Tibia was known as a prominent game in the world. In January 1997, Tibia was released in the market. However, the popularity of game has reduced significantly. People can play the game without having to purchase it. Here are other impressive facts about Tibia.

Facts about Tibia 1: a free game

Tibia can be accessed by the public since it is a free game. However, the player can have a premium account if they want to upgrade the game. You will get more benefits by signing the premium account since you have to pay. You can get extra spells, vocation promotions and more areas to explore when playing the game.

Facts about Tibia 2: the player statistics

The player statistics were collected by CipSoft during the early years of Tibia. It gives them the data about the number of registered players. Now it is hard to estimate the number of Tibia players since the data had been removed in the later years.

Facts about Tibia

Facts about Tibia

Facts about Tibia 3: the number of players in 2007

On 28th November 2007, the number of the online players who played Tibia was more than 64,000 users.

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Facts about Tibia 4: the number of players in 2010

The number of online players as of 1st December 2010 was decreased to 50,000 users.

Facts about Tibia 5: the number of servers

Tibia has 77 game servers. 39 of them are located US. The remaining ones are located in London, UK. 1000 players are accommodated on each server. CipSoft states that they have 1.3 million registered players from various parts of the world.



Facts about Tibia 6: the top three countries

Around 26.56 percent of the players of Tibia are from Brazil. The second and third ones are from Poland and Sweden with 24.38 percent and 8.65 percent.

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Facts about Tibia 7: in the beginning of 2000s

Many players are from the small cities in Europe, New Zealand and Australia in the beginning of 2000s. They chose Tibia due to the lower consumption of bandwidth.

Facts about Tibia 8: updated game

Though Tibia loses its popularity now, it still has a small fan base. The creator tries to attract the players with updates on the game. However, the updates do not give a positive impact.

Tibia Facts

Tibia Facts

Facts about Tibia 9: the level of training

When you play tibia, you will have to follow training in the game play. The players should know how to gather treasures, use magical spells, use weapons, explore the Tibia world and do quests. The player can have a role-playing activity with other characters by having trades or conversations.

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Facts about Tibia 10: the types of magic

Tibia has two types of magic. They are the rune magic and instant magic.

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