10 Fun Facts about Rabbits

Post On: November 1, 2016

The small mammals, which can be found in many parts of the world, are explained on Fun Facts about Rabbits. Rabbit is a cute animal that many people love to have it as a pet at home. Actually, rabbit is not always in white fur color. You can also check the black, brown and grey fur colored rabbits in the world. The cottontail rabbits and European rabbits are included in the eight different genera of the animals. They are included in the family Leporidae. Let us have fun by reading the following post about rabbits:

Fun Facts about Rabbits 1: the Amami rabbit

Have you ever heard about the Amami rabbit? They can be found in Amami Oshima, Japan. The population of the rabbits receives an endangered status. It has the biological name of Pentalagus furnessi.

fun facts about rabbits

fun facts about rabbits

Fun Facts about Rabbits 2: the members of the order Lagomorpha

The order Lagomorpha contains several members such as hares, pikas and rabbits.

Fun Facts about Rabbits 3: the term

There are several terms to notice when you want to call a rabbit. A kit or a kitten is used to call a young rabbit. A doe is the term to call a female rabbit.  The male rabbit is called a buck.

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black rabbit

black rabbit

Fun Facts about Rabbits 4: the habitats

Rabbits can be found living in various habitats in the world. You can spot them living in the wetlands, grasslands, deserts, forests, woods and meadows.

Fun Facts about Rabbits 5: the European rabbit

One of the best-known rabbits in the world is the European rabbits. Most of them live in rabbit holes or burrows. Use the word warren if you want to call a group of burrows.

Fun Facts about Rabbits 6: the rabbits in North America

The rabbits, which live in North America, occupy more than 50 percent of the global rabbit’s population.

Fun Facts about Rabbits 7:  the native rabbits

Rabbits are native to some parts of the world such as South America, some areas of Africa, some islands of Japan, Sumatra, Southeast Asia and Southwestern Europe.

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rabbit art

rabbit art

Fun Facts about Rabbits 8: the ears

The ears of rabbits are very longs. They can reach the length of 4 inches or 10 cm. The rabbits use the ears to detect the presence of predators.

Fun Facts about Rabbits 9: the legs

The hind legs of rabbits are strong and large. The five toes are found on the two front paws.

rabbit litter

rabbit litter

Fun Facts about Rabbits 10: the size of rabbits

The length of rabbit is around 8 inches or 20 cm. The weight is around 0.4 kilogram.

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