10 Fun Facts about Raccoons

Post On: November 1, 2016

Fun Facts about Raccoons present the unique information about a medium sized mammal. It has various names. People simply call it raccoons or the common raccoons. You can also call them northern raccoons and North American raccoons. The weight of raccoons reaches 8 to 20 lbs or 3.5 to 9 kilograms. The body length of raccoons is around 16 to 28 inches or 40 to 70 cm. Let us check other interesting facts about raccoons below:

Fun Facts about Raccoons 1: the family of raccoons

The family of raccoons is procyonid. The animals are considered as the largest ones.

fun facts about raccoons

fun facts about raccoons

Fun Facts about Raccoons 2: the function of the fur

What is the function of raccoons’ fur? The cold weather will never affect the body temperature for the coat comprises the dense underfur. It maintains the insulation.

Fun Facts about Raccoons 3: the unique features of raccoons

The facial mask and distinctive dexterous front paws are considered as the unique features of raccoons.

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Fun Facts about Raccoons 4: the mythology

Raccoons play an important role for developing the mythology in some National American tribes.  They are often used as the themes.

Fun Facts about Raccoons 5: the intelligence

The intelligence of raccoons is amazing. The studies to prove their intelligence have been made.

Fun Facts about Raccoons 6: the original habitats

The mixed and deciduous forests are the original place of living of raccoons. Since raccoons are adaptable animals, they can be found living in a wide range of habitats like urban, coastal marshes, and mountainous areas.

Fun Facts about Raccoons 7: the diet of raccoons

Raccoons are nocturnal animals. They are omnivorous which eat different kinds of foods. The diet comprises of 27 percent vertebrates, 33 percent plant foods and 40 percent invertebrates.

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raccoons fur

raccoons fur

Fun Facts about Raccoons 8: the distribution of raccoons

Even though raccoons are native to North America, they can be found in many countries in the world like Japan, Caucasia and Europe today.

Fun Facts about Raccoons 9: the size of home range

The male raccoons, which live in the prairies, have the home range size of 12,000 acres or 5,000 hectares.  On the other hand, the female in the cities have the home range o 7.4 acres or 3 ha.



Fun Facts about Raccoons 10: the baby raccoons

The baby raccoons are called kits or young. The gestation period is around 65 days.

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