10 Fun Facts about Recycling

Post On: February 5, 2017

Fun Facts about Recycling will inform us on how to convert the waste into the new objects or materials. The process is very important for the life of human being for it can reduce the greenhouse gas emission and save materials. The conventional waste disposal does not recycle the materials. The raw materials will be saved since the people can recycle the waste to create potential useful materials. Thus, the air pollution, energy usage and water pollution will be decreased. Let us check other interesting facts about recycling below:

Fun Facts about Recycling 1: the modern waste reduction

The modern waste reduction goes hand in hand with recycling. There is a waste hierarchy of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Facts about Recycling

Facts about Recycling

Fun Facts about Recycling 2: the ISO standards

The environmental management control for recycling practice is defined by ISO 14001:2004. The plastic waste is defined by ISO 15270:2008. Some ISO standards for recycling have been imposed.

Fun Facts about Recycling 3: Recyclable materials

Can you mention some recyclable materials? They include textiles, cardboard, paper, glass, tires, electronics, metal and plastic.

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Recycling Image

Recycling Image

Fun Facts about Recycling 4: biodegradable waste

Recycling is also defined by using the biodegradable waste. You can use the garden waste again to create compost.

Fun Facts about Recycling 5: a collection center

A collection center is available in some countries so that the people may sort, clean and recycle the products.

Fun Facts about Recycling 6: the strictest definition of recycling

In many cases, recycling a material will produce a new similar material. For instance, you may create a new office paper by recycling a used office paper.

Fun Facts about Recycling 7: Recycling

There is a program in Scotland to promote recycling. It is called Quality Recyclate Action Plan.

Recycling Facts

Recycling Facts

Fun Facts about Recycling 8: a recycling truck

The contents of a recycling bin will be collected by a recycling truck.

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Fun Facts about Recycling 9: the collected recycling materials

The recycled materials such as paper, wood pulp, lumber and glass usually are collected in one location. However, you can go to the independent tire dealers if you want to sell the old rubber tires for recycling.

Recycling Pic

Recycling Pic

Fun Facts about Recycling 10: the metal recycling

Metal is not a common product to recycle. It has low level of recycling process. However, some metals have been recycling by the military to reduce the expense. To get the steel, the old ship was broken in the Ship Disposal Program by the United States Navy.

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