10 Fun Facts about Red Pandas

Post On: February 9, 2017

Fun Facts about Red Pandas elaborate the information about the lesser panda, which has the biological name of Ailurus fulgens. It is often called as the red cat-bear or red bearcat. The red panda is endemic to southwestern China and eastern Himalayas. They are included as mammals. Compared to a domestic cat, the red pandas are slightly bigger. They have shorter front leg and long shaggy tail. The fur is in reddish brown. That is why it is called red panda. Learn more facts about red pandas below:

Fun Facts about Red Pandas 1: the diet

The foods for red pandas include insects, birds and eggs. The primary food is bamboo. They are arboreal animals.

Facts about Red Pandas

Facts about Red Pandas

Fun Facts about Red Pandas 2: the behavior

Have you recognized the behavior of red pandas? During the day, most red pandas have the sedentary life style. In the dusk to dawn, they become active. Red pandas live alone for they are solitary animals.

Fun Facts about Red Pandas 3: the status by IUCN

IUCN classifies the status of red pandas as the Endangered Species. The poaching, fragmentation, habitat loss, and inbreeding depression cause the decline of the wild population of red pandas. The national laws have been enacted to protect the wild populations. Today, it is estimated that red panda’s population is around 10,000 mature individuals.

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Red Pandas Skull

Red Pandas Skull

Fun Facts about Red Pandas 4: the taxonomy of red pandas

In the past, red pandas were included in the raccoon and bear families. Today, they are included in the family Ailuridae and genus Ailurus.

Fun Facts about Red Pandas 5: the superfamily Musteloidea

Red pandas are included as a member in the super family Musteloidea along with skunk, raccoon and weasel.

Fun Facts about Red Pandas 6: the head and body length

The tail of red panda is measured at 11 to 23 inches. It has the head to body length at 20 to 25 inches.

Fun Facts about Red Pandas 7: the female weight

The weight of female red panda is around 3 to 6 kilograms. The male has the weight of 3.7 to 6.2 kilogram.

Red Panda

Red Panda

Fun Facts about Red Pandas 8: the fur

The lower parts feature the blackish fur, while the upper parts feature the reddish brown fur.

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Fun Facts about Red Pandas 9: the upper features

Red pandas have the blackish eyes, black noses, upright ears and rounded head.

Red Pandas

Red Pandas

Fun Facts about Red Pandas 10: where to find red pandas

Red pandas can be found living in China, western Nepal, Himalayan Forest, and Bhutan.

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