10 Fun Facts about Rhode Island

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If you want to know a state located in New England region, check facts about Rhode Island. The official name is State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. People simply call it Rhode Island. It is located at the northeastern part of US.  It has the longest official name in the nation. It shares border with Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Fun Facts about Rhode Island 1: the original Thirteen Colonies

One of the original Thirteen Colonies is Rhode Island. It showed the allegiance to British Crown on 4 May 1776. On 9th February 1778, it ratified the Articles of Confederation. At first, Rhode Island did not want to ratify the US constitution. However, it agreed to ratify it on 29th March 1790.

Fun Facts about Rhode Island 2: the official nickname

The Ocean State is considered as the official nickname of Rhode Island. Almost 14 percent of the total area is filled with inlets and bays.

Facts about Rhode Island

Facts about Rhode Island

Fun Facts about Rhode Island 3: the area

The area of Rhode Island spans on 3,144 kilometer square or 1,214 sq mi. The land area occupies 2,707 km square or 1,045 sq mi of its total area.

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Fun Facts about Rhode Island 4: topography

Rhode Island has no real mountains. The topography is primarily flat. Jerimoth Hill is considered as the highest natural point, which has the height of 247 metres or 812 feet above the sea elevation.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Fun Facts about Rhode Island 5: natural regions

The natural regions of Rhode Island are divided in two types. The New England Upland is located in Western Rhode Island. The lowlands of Narragansett Bay are housed in Eastern Rhode Island.

Fun Facts about Rhode Island 6: the major natural feature

The major natural feature in Rhode Island is the Narragansett Bay. It has at least thirty islands. Aquidneck Island is the largest one. Conanicut and Prudence are the second and third largest ones respectively.

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Fun Facts about Rhode Island 7: the state rock

The state rock is Cumberlandite. This rock is only discovered in the state due to its rarity.

Fun Facts about Rhode Island 8: climate

The humid continental climate defines the condition in Rhode Island. During the winter season, it has cold condition. The summer season is warm.

Rhode Island History

Rhode Island History

Fun Facts about Rhode Island 9: disasters

Hurricanes and tropical storms affect Rhode Island due to its location. The state has been affected by Hurricane Bob, Hurricane Donna and Hurricane Carol.

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Fun Facts about Rhode Island 10: medical marijuana

The third state in US, which passed the law related to the legal use of medical marijuana, was Rhode Island in 2011.

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