10 Fun Facts about Rio de Janeiro

Post On: June 4, 2017
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Fun Facts about Rio de Janeiro will inform the readers about a prominent municipality in Brazil. People simply call it Rio. On July 1st, 2012, UNESCO designated “Rio de Janeiro: Carioca Landscapes between the Mountain and the Sea”, as a Cultural Landscape as a World Heritage Site. The Portuguese established the city in 1565. It became the seat of a domain for Portuguese Empire called Captaincy of Rio de Janeiro.  Here are the details about Rio de Janeiro:

Fun Facts about Rio de Janeiro 1: the GDP

The GDP of Rio de Janeiro reached R$343 billion, which made it earn the title as the second largest municipal GDP in Brazil.

Fun Facts about Rio de Janeiro 2: companies

The prominent companies in Brazil are housed in Rio de Janeiro. Grupo Globo, Petrobras and Vale are housed here. The former one is the largest telemedia conglomerate in Latin America.

Rio de Janeiro Facts

Rio de Janeiro Facts

Fun Facts about Rio de Janeiro 3: educational center

Rio de Janeiro is also known as an educational center in Brazil. The 2005 data found out that 17 percent of the national scientific output was from Rio de Janeiro.

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Fun Facts about Rio de Janeiro 4: the fame

Rio de Janeiro is a famous city in Latin America due to its impressive samba dance, carnival, natural scenery, beaches and bossa nova.

Rio de Janeiro People

Rio de Janeiro People

Fun Facts about Rio de Janeiro 5: the notable landmarks

Rio de Janeiro is also a home to the world’s most notable landmarks. One of them is the famous of Christ of the Redeemer. This giant status sits at Corcovado Mountain.

Fun Facts about Rio de Janeiro 6: the prominent stadium

Rio de Janeiro has a prominent stadium. It is called Maracanã Stadium. The sporting events, which had been conducted in Rio, included 2016 Summer Paralympics and 2016 Summer Olympics. The finals of 1950 and 2014 FIFA World Cups were hosted in Maracanã Stadium.

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Fun Facts about Rio de Janeiro 7: population

The city of Rio was a home of 5,940,224 people according to 2010 IBGE census.

Fun Facts about Rio de Janeiro 8: the people in Rio

The White people accounted for 51.2 percent of the total population in Rio de Janeiro. It was followed by the multiracial people called Pardo with 36.5 percent. The black people made up 11.5 percent.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Fun Facts about Rio de Janeiro 9: the rich and poor people

The disparity between the poor and rich in the city is significantly spotted.

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Fun Facts about Rio de Janeiro 10: Favelas

The poor people in Rio live in Favelas. The poor people made up 95 percent of them.

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